Age slower & happier with DNA testing

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By Guy Lawrence


Ever wondered how someone can eat pork pies all day (I certainly wouldn’t encourage this either way!) and still have sub 10% body fat? Then there’s those out there that simply look at a pizza and gain weight. In short it comes down to our DNA and gene expression.

This video post is a teaser trailer of a DNA test myself & Stu recently undertook (and waiting for results). In a nutshell it is a personalised, preventative and predictive nutritional health. Pretty cool hey…

Some of the benefits are:

  • Age more slowly
  • Higher quality of life
  • Specific nutrition based therapy
  • No unnecessary analysis
  • Active role in lifestyle changes with your new found knowledge

In the coming weeks we’ll have an in-depth interview with the company Smart DNA & also we’ll go over our reslts with practitioner Tania Flack who is guiding us through it.

Smart DNA Transcript

Hey this is Guy of 180 Nutrition and the purpose of this short video is to tell you about a little test myself and Stuart are currently undertaking by a company called Smart DNA.

smart_dnaEssentially what that is a physiogenomic DNA test. Now that might sound really technical and crazy, but we’ve simply filled up a tube of our saliva, you might have seen a picture up on our Facebook page last week. We have sent it off to Smart DNA where they will be assessing it for what is essentially our genetic expression.

It comes from the theory that one size does not fit all. So there’s not one diet, there’s not one form of exercise, so it’s actually tailoring your lifestyle to what your genes are. As the company put it; It’s a roadmap for the rest of your life. 

This is something that can be done from anywhere, via Skype and posting, but we will be listing practitioners from where you can do this (physically) if your interested.

We are certainly learning about it as we go and over the coming weeks we are going to be having a lot more posts on this, on our results and then what we can do with those results to enhance our lives as well, which we think is going to be pretty cool stuff.

So stay tuned and if you got any questions about the Smart DNA just drop them in the comments section below and we’ll be than happy to answer them.

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4 Replies to “Age slower & happier with DNA testing”
Andy says:

for those of us unfortunate not to win one of the 180 T-shirts, are you planning on making them available to buy?

180nps says:

Hey Andy, yes we are… We making some upgrades to our shopping cart & then the T-shirts will be available 🙂 Guy

Helen McKenna says:

Can you give me a cost for the DNA testing please? Helen

Tania Flack says:

Hi Helen,

There are actually two types of DNA tests available, so it depends which one you are interested in. If you would like to contact me at the clinic on 02 93635050 or at I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Kind Regards,


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