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snatch the crossfit monkeyAfter crushing Fran in 2:34 and then casually squatting 200kg, 180 Nutrition sponsored athlete Snatch the CrossFit Monkey is back with a skill heavy WOD of his own devising.

As the Open draws near, we ask the question: how is your skill work holding up?

Win a 180 CrossFit prize pack

180 performance prize packIf you think you can match Snatch, or better yet beat him, record yourself doing the workout and then post it up on our Facebook page and we will give two boxes of WOD Bars & a 180 T-shirt to the fastest time! (Comp’ closess March the 6th 2013)

What are you waiting for team? Get practising those triple unders and we look forward to seeing some super times!

If you enjoyed the Snatch’s skills, would really appreciate the share on FaceBook and any thoughts comments below. Thanks…

Can you beat Snatch the CrossFit Monkey

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You can flow Snatch’s Journey on FaceBook here.

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