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Want To Go To The Best Health & Fitness Business Building Weekend Of Your Life?

Content by: Guy Lawrence

By Guy Lawrence

Guy: If there’s one thing I’ve learned to fast track your business (or any area of your life) it is this – Put yourself around like minded people as much as possible and seek mentors to learn from. Somebody who is right where you want to be and extract as much information from them as humanly possible… believe me, this is no easy task!

FFp mega training eventSo why not join Stu and myself and over 150 other like minded people as they look to take their health and fitness business to the next level in Melbourne for 3 days on 30th Nov – 2nd Dec.

We’ve also got two FREE tickets valued at $497 each to giveaway for this 3 day event. If this interests you read on… over to the event organiser Ric…

Ric: There are a lot of things that you can do to grow your business, grow yourself, and make sure that you are on target to help as many people as you possibly can achieve their health and fitness dreams. The very best thing you can do is surround yourself with like-minded people, in an environment where you will be coached, trained and provided tools to be able to implement into your business.

By coming to our exclusive 3 day Mega Training Event at the Rydges Hotel, Melbourne starting 30th November! Here is the link to find out even more about it.

Your commitment to strive to be the best you can be is very obvious and that’s why I’m writing this to you. If you are really serious, will let nothing get in your way, will do whatever it takes…. Then you will be amongst friends at this event!

Go to the webpage, go through it in detail, click on the link and invest in the successful future of your fitness business.

To your fitness business success, Ric.

P. S. I know that a three day commitment is a lot and I appreciate that there’s sacrifice that needs to be made to attend this event, what I promised you is that this small investment will reap you a massive reward… GUARANTEED. Make a commitment to yourself by purchasing your ticket now, you can always split the payments too!

Want to go into the draw for this awesome prize of 2 x FREE tickets valued at $497 each? Simply leave a short comment below on what health and fitness business you have that you are looking to take to the next level…. Good luck! Guy…

This prize draw ends on 23rd November 2012, the winner will be announced by email.

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More
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    18 Replies to “Want To Go To The Best Health & Fitness Business Building Weekend Of Your Life?”
    Mark Wood says:

    I own and love CrossFit Border in Tweed Heads.

    Paul says:

    Currently have a personal training business and looking to convert it into a rehabilitation and fitness clinic within the next 1-2 years.

    I own and run Barefoot Health, a health and fitness service that follows nature’s principles – natural eating, living and moving.
    I’m looking to expand my business to a wider audience, and get regular people moving towards a more natural life. Eventually, I’m looking to develop a team that shares my vision.

    Jasmine Sakr says:

    Wow, I am so glad I read this post as it’s amazingly synchronised with exactly where I am at with my holistic health coaching business , Wholly Health. I have recently ditched the corporate world to pour my precious energy into my own nuritition and health counselling business. I’m not even missing the steady income as I’m too happy to care! I would love your help and advice about how I can take my passion and use it to grow my business with the right taregt market & do it successfully. P.s. I’m also enrolled to study Fiteness Personal Training next year…the sky is the limit! Thanks 180 & Ric, Jasmine

    Diana Gallo says:

    Apart from being passionate about delivering an individual fitness program we believe in providing sound advice on nutrition and diet. We believe strongly in thinking outside the square when it comes to nutrition and have discovered some amazing foods from even more amazing places! Love teaching people about alternatives and seeing the results! Looking forward to our personal training studio opening in the new year! Carlos & Diana

    Hi guys!
    I launched my business, The Raw Food Kitchen this year and its been a fantastic start so far, but I really want to take it to the next level next year. I want to grow my business and to really stand out in the market place. I want my clients to think of The Raw Food Kitchen as the go to place for all things raw, whether it be classes, eBooks or video content and more. Any training and education, (especially when it comes to marketing) I can get on this would help me greatly! 🙂 Amanda

    Jan Newburn says:

    I have recently started my own PT business with a huge focus on getting the nutrition right first. I am constantly researching and trying new foods, juicing and recipes that I can pass onto my clients.
    This conference sounds great!

    I cook clean food packages for anyone wanting to live a healthy life. I’m crazy passionate about it and I recently started sponsoring health programs to assist athletes to stay healthy fit and eat clean.

    My food is everything from paleo, vegan, veg to gluten free, carb rich ….

    My vision is to connect with a super smart conscious and amazing PT or trainer(s) to work with me so we can produce and offer a complete service for my awesomeness haha

    Many Thanks for this opportunity ,


    I am the sole owner of this business. I am holistic therapist that incorporates herbal medicine, nutrition and personal training in my consultation. My mission is to educate and transform people with healthy eating and functional movement with a positive attitude and a healthy mind.

    I currently specialise in sports nutrition and would love to improve my services in this area. Being part of competitive sports and still currently training i’m in need of improving my networking and working with other allied professionals to achieve results in individuals.

    The next level in which i’d love to take my business to bring all my knowledge to the completive world. Marketing, with the right marketing tools and networks this can be achieved. I have all the knowledge for health and fitness however lack in areas of business to bring it to a high level.

    My business would definitely benefit some something so valuable as this seminar and would love to be apart of it.

    Thanks kindly,
    Maria Vamvouklis

    My business provides information and education to outdoor personal trainers to help them prepare and deliver fun and effective group outdoor workouts programs.
    I recently sold my own bootcamp business and I am planning to turn my online offerings into an accredited workshop and seminar.
    Being a soloist, it is extremely important to seek out like minded people you can grow with. Networking is really important too. Events like these are gold for anyone in my position.

    Kissa says:

    I recently started a health and wellness group. Focus is on nutrition, mind, body and soul for self, family, community. We do daily/weekly challenges to strengthen those area in a community setting for support and encouragement of each other. This conference would be a great opportunity to gain more knowledge to share with others and to inspire a healthy lifestyle, once person at a time.

    Brad says:

    As the business name suggests, 6X Training is all about reaching success in all areas of life. We are a Personal Training studio in Maroubra with 4 trainers onboard training clients and educating them using our own nutrition program. In the future my business is set up to diversify into areas like psychology, martial arts and personal development to truly help people reach their full success!

    Liana & Terry says:

    We currently run a small personal training group fitness studio in Melbourne, we’ve been running for almost 2years And would love to eventually expand into a bigger space and turn our business into something bigger, we’d like to expand into more of a holistic wellness centre as well as fitness to target a diverse range of individuals to achieving their optimum health. Adding areas like naturopathy, yoga, reiki ect; will help target peoples health from all angles. 🙂 would love some help Turning our idea into reality ! Thanks . !

    Brendan Tuck says:

    My business partner and I set up our studio 5 months ago, it’s been a 3 year goal and has finally happened!
    Were always wanting to learn the latest up to date information in the health and fitness industry. This would be a great opportunity for that.

    We specialise in a variety of training systems that include:
    TRX Suspension Training
    TRX Rip Training
    Trigger Point Performance Therapy
    Ironedge – Kettlebells Australia
    Punch Fit – Kickboxing
    High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT
    Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
    Australian Weightlifting Federation


    Emma Jane says:

    I’m a fitness competitor who has recently started my own blog on healthy eating. I believe in holistic health and after a few years in the corporate world I’m going back to uni to study nutritional medicine to steer my career path towards something I’m more passionate about.

    I’d really be able to benefit from learning from like minded people. My coach has changed the way I think and influenced so much of my health; he would be so deserving of this as well, he has completed his personal training qualifications as well as becoming a qualified massage therapist and gives so much of his time away freely to help others, beyond a PT session he is genuinely passionate about changing the way people interact with food and how they feel about exercise.

    The biggest eye opener for me has been how little people actually know about what they are putting into their bodies, and how misinformed people are about health and wellness.

    My coach actually recommend 180 nutrition to me when I decided to really evaluate my supplements, I can guarantee the as a pair we would be eager to learn and really value the experience of being at the FFP event.

    Kevin Farrelly says:

    I have started my PT business and I specialise in TRX training!
    My client numbers are growing steadily by word of mouth and by example

    Paul says:

    I can not tell you how much a 3 day fitness scheme would help me! Especially when its free i would love it and would help me persue my dreams and make the NSW cricket team.

    180nps says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Fit For Profit will be selecting the winner & will be contacted by the end of today. Cheers, Guy

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