WIN a pair of Inov-8 shoes, T-shirt, 180 protein supplement & 180 protein bars

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Win a pair of inov8 training shoes 180 Nutrition

180 Nutrition: Attention all fitness enthusiasts, need a little motivation? We have a fantastic competition that will take no longer than it takes to boil a kettle to enter!

What can you win?

A pair of Inov-8 shoes of your choice

Whether it be road, trial, running or functional fitness, Inov-8 have got it covered!

The nice guys at Inov-8 Australia have kindly given us a pair of shiny new sports shoes to give away.

You will be able to choose any shoe from this list here.

180 t-shirtA fancy 180 t-shirt

Do you have a drawer full of t-shirts, yet find yourself wearing your same old favourite one that you’ve worn to death?

Well I do & I wanted to get that same feeling for the 180 t-shirt. You won’t get a more comfortable t-shirt to train in or kick around in with a pair of jeans…

best protein powder

A 1.5kg bag of 180 Protein Superfood

Have you tried our all natural protein supplement yet? The only high protein supplement on the market free of all chemicals, preservatives and that is actually good for you.

A 1.5kg bag of your choice (of flavour) is up for grabs with 30 serves in total. You can learn more about our all Natural Protein Superfood here.

180 nutrition wod barsA box of 180 WOD Bars

The only protein bar on the market free of all chemicals and preservatives. Tastes so good you’d swear they were homemade. Perfect for those ‘need to snack now‘ kind of moments.

A box of 10 bars are up for grabs. You can learn more about our WOD protein bars here.

So how do you win this fantastic prize?

It’s a two step process:

  1. First leave a short comment below on this post & tell us what get’s you up & running in the morning.
  2. Then click the big orange button below, enter your details to go into the draw. Not rocket science I know but it makes it easier for us this end too 🙂

Enter our competition here

If you want to double your chances then feel free to click the Facebook ‘like’ icon below.

The competition closes at 11pm Sydney time on March 31st 2013 and the winner will be notified by email, good luck! (Open to Australian/NZ residents only).

Note: I seriously hate spam mail, and have the upmost respect for your email. If you feel that I ever cross the line with this I will happily send you my home address so you can send the mob around to take care of it, or simply unsubscribe. Cheers… Guy

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242 Replies to “WIN a pair of Inov-8 shoes, T-shirt, 180 protein supplement & 180 protein bars”
Erin Williams says:

FOOD – the thought of eating breakfast is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning!

Melanie says:

My awesome clients & knowing that without me they would likely still look and feel the same as they did before they started their training program. Keeping people, fit, healthy and motivated!

Diana says:

The thought of smashing through the day’s WOD and coming home to my berry/spinach/choc 180 smoothie certainly gets me up and racing each morning.

Rosie Bradford says:

MY TRAINING BUDDIES – don’t want to let them down, by not turning up! … and a 180 smoothie when I get home.

renee says:

The feeling of being alive and well, beats hospital anyday..I’d happily run and eat clean everyday to keep away from being sick again

Will Lind says:

The opportunity that every fresh new day brings if approached with hope and openness.

Michelle says:

A smoothie of 180 Coconut and almond milk (sometime with a banana or avocado) gets me up and running to my morning CrossFit class

Kim says:

Habit is what gets me up. Consistency is the key to a healthy life!

Tanya says:

The drive to be better than I was yesterday, the only way to do that is to get up and give it a go!

Tim says:

The Impossible – it just takes a little longer to achieve!

Andy says:

6am Crossfit Wod followed by a nutritious breakfast to refuel before I hit the day!

Sandy Juers says:

The gym! Nothing better than feeling u get after an awesome workout. Sets a positive and energized tone for the whole day!

Vinicius Agudo says:

My desire of getting better everyday and become a better fighter/crossfitter.

The opportunity to be my best every second. being the best I can be, daily! 🙂

Julie Cole says:

My four children and fitness fanatic husband. He runs ultramarathons (100km+)and the kids are always on the go. I have to be up and running in the mornings just to keep up!!

Lynda Garland says:

To be a little better than I was yesterday…To be a role model for my children.

mick says:

The thought of competing in Spartan Race in sydney this weekend.

It’s gonna be sweet.

But also some delicious 180 nutrition always puts a spring in my stride.

Kaz says:

My breakfast smoothie gets my body engine started every morning and running all day.

(180 coconut pea protein, unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup of mixed fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) and a teaspoon of cinnamon)

Jackie Baines says:

My alarm clock!!! My body doesn’t naturally want to get up at 5.30am, for some peculiar reason – but I do love that 6am WOD to kick start my day.

The thought being active gets me up and running.

Lisa says:

That awesome feeling you get from an early morning workout…. It’s the best way to start the day.

Nicky says:

My love of running and my dog’s love of running 🙂

Bridget says:

My 8 week old puppy! 05:25 this morning 🙂

David says:

My daughters chirpy little voice..

Steve Williams says:

The beneficial health effects that 180 has on my bowels gets me up and running every day without fail! Its a good thing – Food in – Toxins out !!

Alexandra Large says:

Doing what I love to do, train, and train hard gets me out of bed in a morning. Being healthy and happy is of my highest values in life and I believe you should only do what makes you happy.

Ale says:

The first rays of the sun, nothing beats a friendly encounter with the sunrise.

Erin hoey says:

The peace and quiet! I get up early because it’s the only part of the day that feels like “just mine” perfect for beach walks, and seeing the sun rise each day!

180nps says:

Fantastic comments guys!!! Keep them coming…

Chris says:

Training!!! Love training first thing in the morning. Wakes me up and gets me motivated for the day…

Katie Sykes says:


That gets me up…cause lets be honest…if you fill it with the the things that you love and are good for your mind, body and spirit..then LIFE is pretty damn spectacular.


Tyson says:

I get up to work! To do life, to work hard and play harder. Pretty black and white

Justine says:

My trainer gets me up snd going, she’s not someone i like to say no to! Plus i love the feeling at the end of a workout

Shannon says:

Barefoot running on a very grassy oval early morning. Not too many people around..

Adam Troy says:

SWEAT. Nothing beats the feeling of being drenched and exhausted/invigorated at the end of a good run.

It’s refreshment for the soul.

The thing that gets me up in the morning is keeping the 30kg I lost from ever returning. I’m always on the run from it 🙂 🙂

Andia Javidirad says:

My community is what gets me up in the morning. Knowing that we are a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things together is the fuel in my fire. The past year, (since I started doing CrossFit & eating paleo) my quality of life has drastically changed. I’m now the best version of myself that I could possibly be. That is what gets me up in the morning.

Mel says:

One of my three little alarm clocks (aka the kids) get me up…what gets me running is breakfast and getting straight into workout gear. No procrastinating!

Melinda says:

The ‘me’ time and the silence of pre-dawn – everything looks different without noise

Phillip says:

Eating 180 products have changed my breakfast forever. Nothing like a good start to the day to get you up and running.

Trudy Marquardt says:

One word – Crossfit – 6am every day!!!

Eugene says:

What gets me up in the morning is the walk to get the newspaper so I can sit down and read it with breakfast 🙂

Rachel says:

I love 180 Superfood

James says:

A strong coffee gets me going!

July Vacca says:

All the water I drank the day before lol, and knowing that I am here for another day.

Joanne says:

At the momenr my Fiji Wedding coming up in September…wedding dress and bikinis!!!

Sally Lynch says:

One or both of my ‘very naughty’ Devon Rex cats at 4:30 am ‘every day’!

Alicia Basa says:

Training for the SMH Half Marathon (and its my very first!). I am also raising money while I train, so its a double incentive to get up each morning 🙂

Veronica Wells says:

The call of an early run before my kids require me!

mickey vullinghs says:

the thought of another day of living

Knowing that when I get back from my morning run session I’ll be refueling with a 180 shake filled with mixed berries, yoghurt and a dash of honey!!!

Tom says:

The chance to train outdoors with the sunrising and the city slowly coming to life helps me jump out of bed in the morning.

michelle says:

the thought of time by myself to breath in fresh air, clear the mind and prepare for the day ahead.

Matt Rogers says:

My kids get me up in the morning!

Mark Moala says:

So to fuel up in time to complete my Crossfit workout & WOD before kids get back from school and then shoot of shortly for my 5pm start, 12hr night shift.

Jacinta Clift says:

My dog, knowing that he’s waiting for his morning walk and relying on me to take him gives me the motivation to get out and moving each morning. Helps that he’s pretty darn cute.

Renee Saunders says:

Getting in the box! And giving this body a flogging before breakfast!!

James King says:

My wife gets me up (thank goodness). She trains most mornings and and I’m compelled train with her. Fun.

Matthew says:

Breakfast gets me out of bed in the morning! Egg, bacon and silver beer frittata. 🙂

Matthew says:

Silverbeet even!

andrew clift says:

Just curious to see what the next day brings, a 180 on water and a bunch of exercise, i go off to work,or more training depending on the day, feeling pumped and ready to learn what comes next- i love it… not so much the work… but everything else – one great big adventure 🙂

Mandy Bee says:

What gets me up and running in the morning?

Just knowing that it’s a fresh day, a fresh start and fresh challenges; and knowing that I am going to take my best shot at it all 🙂

Nicole Pearson says:

1 scoop 180 chocolate and 1 scoop 180 coconut, tbls chocolate coconut butter, almond milk, ice and blend. Yummy in my tummy that gets me going in the mornings

Kathy Baratta says:

My Alarm clock and knowing I am going to feel so great all day after completing the WOD.

Shaun coel says:

Becoming better gets me up most mornings. 5am start, it’s the desire to be stronger, faster and more powerful than I have ever been before. I want that when next I step on the rugby field or obstacle race I blow the competition out of the water and I want to blow my last pb out my own mind.

Kirsty says:

What gets me up in the morning is the thought of the next Obstacle Race I am doing! Today it was Spartan Race Sydney! Wanting to be up there with the Elites makes me want to get up and go!

Naomi Eastment says:

Running on the trails first thing in the morning gets me out of bed.. love the adventure, you never know what you will see or experience in the bush, love it, esp single track 🙂

Daniel says:

What fuels me in the morning is a protein rich breakfast and the desire to keep off the 34kg I’ve lost so far!

Karen says:

The sunrise – nothing better than seeing a great sunrise to get me moving in the mornings. Knowing I can have a big breakkie after training doesn’t hurt either!

Fiona McGrath says:

My awesome Team I train with – Team Massive and knowing I will be pushed to do my best at every session 🙂

Erin says:

180 protein shake (coconut flavour)… :^)

Raymond Doody says:

12yrs of not getting up early is now getting me up and back into shape

Angie says:

I have set myself a goal… no longer will I be 30kg overweight and unhappy with how I feel. Each day I wake up I think of how I will do things differently from before. I think about what I will eat, how I will exercise and how I will be at the end. Each day I get out of bed is another step in my marathon towards shaping my reality!!

Stephen Corcoran says:

Because the mornings are my time. No traffic, no one else around and the loudest sound you hear are the soles of your runners. I feel better knowing i have overcome the voices in my head that keep telling me its to early or its too hard.

Dean Cox says:

Mon-recovery run, Tues-Hills, Wed-Bike, Thurs-Hills, Fri-Rest, Sat-Long Slow Distance, Sun-Long Slow Distance (shorter). Swim-3xdays, Gym-Core/Strength-2xdays. That’s all!!!

Chris lock says:

Pushing myself further and further each week testing my body to the limits. But there is no limits only the mind trying to give up but not the body.

Dan Bennett says:

The thought of my competitors getting one up on me because I missed a session gets me up in the morning.

knowing that life without a challenge is not a life worth living. I need to run to get better.

Andrew Day says:

What gets me up and going in the AM is the knowledge that if I don’t get up and do moe, move more, try more, I will become no more. That is synonomous with death. And I can’t live like that.

Luke Hoyt says:

The best thing about a morning run is the sunrise and the boost that carries you through the day.

Brett White says:

My family is what gets me up and going in the morning, and what keeps me going when every fiber in me is screaming for me to stop. Pushing through the pain and enduring means that I get back home to them faster.

Stuart says:

Getting up and getting a good Crossfit workout in before going to work.

Caro says:

Seeing the sunrise is such a magnificent sight. Far too few people get to see it!

Ali says:

Most days – work. The earlier I start, the more of the afternoon I can enjoy & the more time I have for my training!!

Samantha Goodear says:

My beautiful German Shepherd wakes me up every morning ready for her morning walk! That’s if she’s not sleeping upside down on our bed, snoring.

Mark says:

Getting out on the trails gets me up in the morning! Seeing the world differently for my hour or so before the rest of the day!

Carly Schmarr says:

The knowledge that every day is a new day and that a run will always clear my mind.

Courtney says:

The draw of that post early morning exercise high.

Corey Stagg says:

Training for crossfit or that next obstacle race that’s just around the corner

Jai says:

Reading the WOD post and thinking of how to push myself hardedr than the last time. Absorb..and ..Perform

Suellen says:

Knowing that if I don’t get up before the kids, I won’t get the time to do something truly positive for myself – which in turn is something positive for them!

Daniel says:

CrossFit WOD

Anthony says:

So I can keep up with the wife!!

Geoff says:

life. breathing. starting over. coffee. the ability to do these things. the possibility to do more.

Rebecca says:

My health – after stacking on 12kg due to chronic illness. I am going to fight this battle and WIN!!!

Tory says:

I’m up and running in the morning ‘cos that’s the only way to smash my goals – a marathon on every continent, 4 down, 3 to go, whilst being a wife, a mum, a physio, and an employer. And hopefully inspiring other women to set their own goals, and prioritize their needs enough to achieve those goals.

Kaleb says:

The constant personal improvements crossfit brings!

Rob says:

To find out if today will be the day that i find my bodies limits.

Rosie says:

My organic earl grey tea savoured at dawn before anyone else wakes up. It’s my moment of peace.

Jess says:

Knowing that while I am awake pushing myself to go that little bit further and achieve my fitness goals, 99% of the population is still fast asleep with no clue to the sensation I have just experienced.

Renae Elsie Georg says:

Needing to improve my health and wanting to lose my baby weight before having another is what gets me up for the morning run.

Lisa says:

My daughter gets me up and going at 6 am every morning have to say not so keen for a run that early. That comes later in the day.

Darren Ball says:

What wakes me up usually is my daughter singing me the ‘wake up’ song, but what gets me out of bed is my morning routine: lemon water, yoga and my breakfast smoothie. Love fuelling my mind, body and spirit to attack the day with focus and energy.

Glenn Walker says:

a pre-dawn bike ride or swim session, nothing better !

Tara F says:

A bowl of oats sprinkled with my favourite protein powder, the new found energy I have from eating clean and training mean, not to mention the excitement at the thought of the boxing class I have after work!

jesus says:

my phone alarm and the thought of burpees early in the morning.

Diana W says:

Life is a gift!! Appreciate everything we have and make the most of each day!!

Travs P says:

The smell of bacon and coffee along with the peace and quiet in the morning before the rush begins.

Kea P says:

get to run with my best friend Max (dog) and having my daily fruit and vegetable juice while having a good stretch whilst playing with Max

Rob says:

Being Present! working as an Exercise Physiologist, knowing i’m making a difference to those around me and the thought of being a mentor to others in the industry.

10 years on, I still love what I do.

Jarrod Smith says:

My clients!! Knowing that there are people waiting for me to help motivate them to achieve their goals. That and needing to take Boiss. Ha ha

Mel says:

Knowing I will get fitter and stronger after recent surgery.. Step by step, little by little … The goal will be achieved!! Don’t tell me not possible!

Jesse barker says:

What gets me going in the morning is the want to achieve certain goals in my fitness with the help from the community, friends and coach at crossfit mode.

David Hogan says:

My clients, my girlfriend, my kids and my training!!
All of these things get me going and light up a big goofy smile on my face!
I love my life and wouldn’t change it for anything!

Matty Clarke says:

The desire to create change for my athletes gets me up every morning….

Knowing that not getting up means I am one day behind where I could possibly be if I get up and train

Joanne Buckley says:

My alarm clock…I am not a morning person, but once up and awake and at bootcamp I’m glad I didn’t stay in bed 🙂

Natalia Anthony says:

I set my alarm with the words “another beautiful day…get up and enjoy”. I think mornings are the most amazing part of the day.

Merissa Schorr says:

My Paleo Breakfast + yummy protein shake + the idea of knowing that the more i run each day is making me stronger!

Shayne Andrew says:

Knowing that if I’m going to be better than yesterday, I need to get up and start working on that right now.

Dave says:

Nothing fancy, a protein shake of 180, with a shot of coffee and banana

Neil Roberson says:

Hey,, wanting to respect and nurture the one body that I am the recipient of motivates me to rise early and exercise ..
A new pair of good looking shoes and the knowledge that I’ll finish my workout with a great tasting healthy protein shake made from 180 is also a motivator …..

Narelle Rock says:

my 4 and 6yr olds is what gets me up and running in the morning….running to be referree when I hear them up at 6am arguing!

Jen says:

A big breakfast, inc. my 180 nutrition in one of the many recipes I have tried or invented of course!

Katie Long says:

Knowing how awesome i feel for the rest day after exercising in the morning being up at the same time or before the sun is energizing!

Belinda says:

My dog – love starting the day with a him on a long walk 😀

Matthew says:

My Coconut &/or Chocolate 180 nutrition protien shake folloeed by a veg juice. Then its off to work. HI HO

Sarah Lindsay says:

My kids , and the thought that I get another day to make an effort to be a better me, Do a better job, run a little further, Run a little faster…. Each day is a step to the next!

Prana Arnold says:

GRATITUDE!!! – Gets me up every day! I have so much to be grateful for, and if I choose focus on those things (including all the small things, like avocados’!), I want to jump up and meet life every day with a smile!

Kerrie says:

What gets me up in the morning? The beauty of everyday life. What keeps me going? 180Nutrition!

Robyn Palmer says:

Nothing gets me up thats why I have to win this awesome prize. No confidence when overweight. & in menopause stage, so much sweating. & one so slow metabolism.

Sarah says:

Love to re-energise first thing with a breakfast ‘power smoothie’…180 Nutrition protein, banana, blueberries, lots of spinach leaves, oats, some greek yoghurt, almond milk. Only after I’ve had this am I ready to tackle what the day throws at me 🙂

Angie B says:

My hubby and kids ! My husband gets me out of bed and motivated to run in the morning before my kids are awake, then once he goes to work my boys keep me running to get them to school on time with healthy lunches!

Zoë says:

I like the world in the morning when it’s cool and quiet and sleepy. ‘me’ time in the morning starts my day off right.

Leo G says:

A very strong coffee with a few tea spoons of goals and motivation gets me up, my 180 smoothies gives me the kick to keep going!

Shaun Cameron says:

What gets me up and running in the morning? My Coconut 180 Protein Superfood of course!

Al says:

Feeling of being alive and seeing the sun starting to rise.
The thought of getting a little bit fitter ,healthier and a bit lighter every day (down 32.5kg so far (since aug 2011) , 8 -10 kg to go)

Michaela says:

Thinking about how good I felt after my last run and wanting to be an inspiration for my upcoming business to help people make healthy changes in their life. Also not wanting to gain any of the 25kg I’ve lost!!

Jack McKenna says:

What gets me up and going in the morning?

The thought that I get a whole day to really enjoy life. I like to use the morning period to be really kind to myself (which is something that I don’t think we do often enough). I wake, wander around, make a cup of tea, do some yoga in my apartment, walk to work, greet my team… just take things easy and enjoy!

Rachel says:

By training today I’ll be one step closer to my goal tomorrow.

Danielle says:

The thought of a yummy chocolate protein shake, or eggs for breakfast gets me out of bed super quick!

BILL says:

The thought of the ever changing vista as I run from Sydney Opera House through Botanical Gardens to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, what a wonderful city and how lucky we are to be alive…and of course 180 at the end of it

Michelle Gray says:

My husband who kicks me out of bed, I love him for it of course 😉

Bethany says:

I am new to Crossfit and I LOVE IT! I’d love to have everything that can assist me with improving and becoming the best crossfit athlete I can be 🙂

Kymme says:

The thing that gets me up every morning is seeing my mates at the 5am class… and Bruce Springsteen… cause everyone loves the Boss xx

Melissa says:

The thought that I will be more focused during the day and my energy levels will be so much higher if I run first thing in the morning. And also looking forward to a delicious breakfast after it!

Katie says:

Crossfit! Plus you can’t beat a Sydney sunrise.

Julie says:

Woke up with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and haven’t stopped moving. Gratitude is energizing me!

Katie says:

My clients! I am up and by the river personal training clients almost every morning and I LOVE it. No better way to start the day than inspiring a healthy lifestyle- and I get to do it for a living!

I’d say usually it’s my hunger that gets me up in the morning so 180 chocolate protein powder is my best friend at 5.30am

Cassie says:

A couple of homemade protein balls before early morning crossfit strength and skills – I know to be best I can be, I have to train hard and eat right!

Loz says:

The feeling I get after a good workout which also makes me motivated to take on the day!

Mary says:

Seriously….Have my brain to myself before kids, work, phones, computers etc etc takeover for the day….My thinking time.

Stirling Kohler says:

It’s called “DAD WOD”.
Bounce out of bed 5am
Drive wife to train station
Make veg omelet for me ‘n kids
Drop kids to scool then train clients
Be totally awesome
5 rounds for time.
Post times to main site

Jenny says:

My Game of Thrones ringtone wakes me up startled each morning. I jumped out of bed this morning to go for a swim before I even registered that it was only 5.45am. No one snoozes a GoT ringtone.

Judy says:

My beautiful 2yo Staffy, Gracie, gets me out of bed for her morning walk – after a hot water with lemon juice – we’re off…

Mick G says:

I can be pretty sluggish getting out of bed so my Boxer Cleo knows it go for a run time so she gives me a drooling wake up call if Iam too slow

Shannon says:

Looking at my stand up paddle board sitting dry in my bedroom gets me up in the morning. The anticipation of sun on my skin, cool water splashing around me combined with the joy of movement is the ultimate alarm clock

James Turnham says:

Usually my alarm…
But if that doesn’t work, my girlfriend will kick me out of bed.

Melanie Lindsay says:

The innocence of 5 small children looking back at me and the realisation that everyday brings a fresh start and a chance to make your day count 180 degrees in the right direction.

Caitlin says:

A routine that rewards hard work with good healthy food and fun! Failing that.. coffee!!

Taylor Berry says:

My alarm!

Amelia says:

My 180 fuel ….which kick starts my determination, strength and awsome energy……all i need is those funky Inov-8 shoes and i will be dangerous!!

Danny Newport says:

Watching the sun rise while running on the beach – cant beat it!

Elaine says:

Alarm off, feet on the floor, stand up.

The rest seems to be easy once these steps are complete. I used to struggle with getting up early een though I wanted to get up and train but this seems to work a treat. The trick is not to think about it too much.

Adam Davidson says:

The opportunity to see a gorgeous sunrise while doing something good for my body and mind gets me up and running first thing in the morning

Jayson says:

At the moment, being at work, (I live and work in the same building for 16 days at a time) its the rest of the emergency services team getting ready for the day ahead. Always enjoy a nice fresh brewed coffee, healthly breaky and then into it for the days activities.

Sarah Collett says:

Sunrises and my chirping birds gets me going, love the sounds and feeling of fresh air on my face as I start my routine walking

Brenda Jayne says:

My 10 month old son and 5 year old daughter get me up very early in the morning. A yummy 180 banana-berry smoothie help me keep up with them!

Michelle Patterson says:

The opportunity to get out running before the kids/work/school/general madness take over. Training for my 1st half marathon in August this year is providing loads of motivation!

Kim Learmonth says:

I want to live and not just exist! 10 years of surgeries and sickness due to 3rd stage cancer and 2 car accidents took a lot of choices away and now I’m taking them back! It’s My choice now!

Nicola Wellington says:

First the alarm and a coffee. Then a coconut protein shake with a banana.

Mark Stanton says:

1. The undeniable, unstoppable effect on the human body that the hands of time has as each dawn brings new light to play in.
2. Wondering if 180 nutrition will ever get shipped to the UK

Cheryl says:

A new day. A new start to the rest of my life full of endless possibilities.

Luke Cockman says:

Honestly – My dog, he knows when its time to train and he wont let you get away with skipping a session!

Top training buddy!

Boon Lim says:

Thinking of WOD and how to eat better, stay fit and healthy.

Melissah Kenny says:

The blessing of watching the sunrise as i run! Knowing how great i feel during and afterwards and it setting me up for the best day ever.

Kim Lumley says:

What gets me out of bed in the morning to get up
and run? The fact it is a new day,
and I can do exactly that!

Nicole Hanham says:


Karen Heller says:

Because, in case of a zombie apocalypse, I want to be able to out run those brain eating machines. (Mostly though its because I haven’t found anyone who’ll pay me to stay in bed.)

Helen McKenna says:

To be an inspiration to over 65’s to step up and make the most of their senior years instead of winding down, taking too much medication and using a waking frame!!

bridget says:

I get up, because I can……I go hard, because I can…… Use it or lose it 🙂 🙂

Vicki says:

Simplicity of 180 Nutrition to look forward too……..

Charlotte Nash says:

My border collie – knowing that if I don’t get up and go running, she won’t be happy! I get to have a mango protein smoothie afterwards as well 😉

typical mum, i get up because if i dont my kids wont make it to school on time 🙂 and after a full on day of mum and work, a run is my well deserved and enjoyed reward ( and time out by myself )

Hailey says:

Nothing beats getting up with the birds, having your workout done for the day and sitting down to a paleo breakie……. all before the rest of the world has woken. It feels like a secret club… and breakie tastes so much better after exercise.

Paul says:

About 2 years ago I suddenly began to struggle bending to tie my shoe laces and being out of puff after playing with my toddlers. Of course it wasn’t that sudden – it was a few years of neglect that did it. Now I am out before dawn so I’m fit enough to run around with them both now and when they are older.

Angus says:

The feeling of pushing through the cool dry air cycling up winding roads to approach the top of the mounatin then looking down below to see the orange sunrise over the horizon.
The sunlight warms me as I sprint home for a quick breakfast.

Maree says:

The joy of earthing myself – being in tune with nature and the natural elements in my environment – is what gets me up each morning. Wanting to run, move and feel the youthful energy that is ignited by a holistic approach to exercise and nutrition is optimum health for me.

My morning smoothie combinations are further impetus for my morning ritual: allowing me to create inov-8[ive] smoothies with fresh, local produce…a true antidote for the big day ahead:)

Jeff R says:

Doing my sunrise run in Berowra gets me up in the morning, the most amazing run, in the middle of the bush with sound of the birds, the sunrise in the East & the Blue mountains in the distance in the West, dedicated to my sister who died of cancer.

Matt says:

I had a heart attack 12 years ago, aged 42, after playing football for 35 years, what gives? I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I still play touch footy aged 53. Finally a product that has all the good ingredients in it and not the fillers and artificial stuff. I am going to tell all my gym and workmates to get out of bed each morning and tuck into some 180 shakes. Go you good thing!

Pascale says:

Going to the gym. The accomplished feeling you get after a hard training session sets you up for the day.

rebecca sheppard says:

Knowing that I feel 100 times better after exercising or running in the morning!! I need those endorphin’s first thing to make me feel great for the day!

Andrew Knight says:

Fear of losing form

Josh K says:

I used to be unhealthy and spend everyday walking around sluggish and lethargic.
Knowing that waking up in the morning to a run or a 6am WOD will make me feel better for life…. consistently training makes me consistently better!

Colleen webster says:

My alarm clock at 4:30am to get out and running some speed, trail or long run with great company.

Michael says:

I get out of bed in the morning with the thought of aspiring to compete in the death race. I’m only new to obstacle course racing and want to be the best therefore I would look to 180 nutrition as the best to help me be the best.

Cassie says:

Feeling accomplished before most people are out of bed, makes me feel confident, positive & energized for the rest of day.

Karen Barrow says:

Since discovering obstacle racing and inov8’s a few months ago – my life has done a 180!

I have never felt so good or so alive!

Andrea says:

The thought of breakfast each morning gets me up, ready to attack the day!

Daniel Rowell says:

I look forward to getting in to our box for the days WOD, coffee straight after then home for a protein and fruit smoothie. Gets me up and going till I hit the box again in the Arvo.

nic hope says:

What gets me up – The thought that if I don’t get up someone else is and then they have the advantage… Now I just need the inov8 advantage…

Caro says:

Waking up before the sun and seeing the sun rise while going on my morning run

Lachie says:

Simply, my shoes just calling my name. They never lead me astray.

Rino Paluch says:

Knowing that I’m able to – some people don’t have the luxury of even being able to get out of bed due to sickness, disease or disability. I consider myself lucky and that’s what gets me up and running in the morning.

benny mulley says:

The harder I work today the better ill be tomorrow…I work hard to make the best of my past the worst of my future…my vigilance ensures this…

Paolo Ardiani says:

Get up and run! Is my way to go around this world, I run every where any time.. I don’t own a car, motorbike or a push bike.
My motto:
Legs are taking you around, stronger they are, far you go!

Steve Corke says:

At 0530 hrs every morning 2 cats come thundering down the hallway and virtually push me out of bed. I think it is only because they want the bed for the day.

Matt Willetts says:

Being honest, going for another run through my mini obstacle course (local school + stairs) in my new Innov8’s waiting for the next race and putting them through their paces, race style 😉

Sonya says:

I love having my morning coffee and cooked breakfast with my husband before the kids get up. Having my 180 fruit smoothie before bed is currently keeping morning sickness at bay so cheers guys. Love your stuff!

Kate says:

The sound of my kids waking in the morning is enough to get me up and out the door of a morning. Besides wanting to set a good example for them, my morning exercise is the only ‘me’ time I get all day. And it can also be the difference between a happy mummy and a grouchy mummy.

Mike Bromley says:

staying healthy and being the best roll model I can be too my two boys gets me going every morning.

Deb says:

To be better than yesterday.

Jessica says:

Knowing that today I can be better, fitter and stronger than I was yesterday…that the whole day of opportunity lays before me, waiting for me to make it mine!

Matt Mason says:

Waking up 10 minutes before my alarm so it doesn’t wake my beautiful, sleeping wife……

This beautiful country of ours, my gorgeous kids, my wonderful husband, and always the memory of my amazing mum..who last words of advice were to ‘enjoy my life, every moment, in the moment’. I certainly feel this on those tough mountain trail passion for trails just grows!!

Mali McKie says:

Looking back on my 48 kg weight loss and knowing that it was this very moment every morning when I chose to get up and train instead of stay in bed that got me to where I am today

Sputnik says:

I don’t get up and run because of how i feel BEFORE i run, but because through experience, i have faith that i know how much better i’ll feel after it. Sets up my day nicely.

(And also because i know damn well that if it doesn’t get done in the morning it may not get done. And that is not acceptable.)

Shane says:

the 2 kids getting up at 5:30 every morning gets me up and going

Anna says:

Those few moments of peace with a cup of coffee while the world wakes around me, before my children are up and the tempo of the day steadily increases…

Jenni Hoogeveen says:

the thought of a nice early morning run in the dark with no one else around, sets me up for a great day even if its a work day.

Graeme Parish says:

The challenges and opportunities presented with each new day.. Regardless of what happened yesterday, Morning gives you a chance to become something better than you were

Emina Budimlic says:

My determination to beat my personal best from the previous workout session; in running and core training. Everyday, I challenge myself knowing that the rewards for my efforts will be AMAZING to say the least!

Carmen says:

Knowing that today is a new day – to start over – to be a better version of me.

Bec says:

What gets me up? The sun creeping through my blinds and my alarm clock gently waking me as it gets louder… ready to tackle the day (unless it’s the weekend and I don’t have the alarm set) 😛

Harrison says:

Wanting to meet Chad Mackay and James Newbury at regionals. That’s what gets me out of bed! Although I better get off this computer and start training 😉

Michael daly says:

If I hit snooze on that alarm clock, after it goes
Off at 3:10am I am likely to cop a beating from the
Missus!! Lol =)

Richard says:

To be better than I was yesterday

Luis says:

Must beat all PBs MUST!!! My 5 yo told me I must

Kelly says:

The thrill of a new challenge, competition and pushing new and different physical boundaries.. Also the curiosity of “what’s the WOD”

Dan says:

Because I never want to look like I used to look…

Tessa Pringle says:

Crossfit – I love that every day is something different and prepares me mentally for a busy day!

Jan says:

I love getting out for a run before any cars and people are out – the mornings are so fresh – a new start to every day!

John Lawton says:

Because I love what I do…keeps me…

Nicole says:

Not knowing what each day will bring makes me excited to get up and get started. There is always something new to learn, experience or discover.

Johnathan says:

I am out of bed for two very enthusiastic small dogs who demand a morning walk, and show me how to love life.

Peta Van Luyn says:

What gets me up & running in the morning is the fact that I am able to do so… I never take mobility for granted, as there are so many people who would wish to be able to physically get out of bed, put on their runners and get out amongst the day. I’m so grateful to be able to do this, and I will keep running until no longer able to do so! For me, it’s a choice… for others, it’s a wish.

Denise Johnson says:

The promise of a beautiful sunrise over the Central Australian desert. The rich hues of orange and pink are breathtaking as the sun rises over the rocks and scrub. It’s an ehhilerating start to the day and the beauty takes my mind off any protesting from my legs.

Sheldon Blanshard says:

Your not living life, unless you love life, training is my life:)

Dan says:

I don’t run in the morning. Too tired. But if I had new shoes… hmmm.

Ashley Prendergast says:

My dogs. I take them for a run every morning cause they’re energetic fellows and they need the exercise. They keep me totally responsible and no matter what – I’m getting up to give them their run, since they make me so happy.

Bryce says:

Knowing that today im a stronger and fitter person than yesterday gets me up and running in the mornings.

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