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high protein bars


Have you ever wished you could get more protein into your diet? Are you working out to get a better body, or do you simply need to increase your protein intake? Then consider 180 Nutrition. We’re the dietary supplement group you need to get the protein your body wants!

We hand pick natural superfoods to create a nutrient source that’s ideal for your health and for your body. Ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, psyllium husks, and additional superfoods are all combined into our formulas and high protein bars to bolster your immune system and biology.

The food industry is saturated with huge quantities of unpleasant artificial foods. Why not take a break from these kind of substances and eat something that will actually reinforce your body’s systems? Instead of cheap artificial substitutes, take 180 Nutrition Protein Supplements to keep your tank filled and your body running.

If your diet is lacking or if you need to bulk up, trim down or just enhance your nutrition the select our products for optimum body performance. Don’t waste time feeling sluggish or listless due to artificial foods, try our superfoods and you’ll be amazed at how your energy improves.

As part of a protein shake or even daily diet, our products will transform the way you look at your daily meals. Don’t let your body’s energy go to waste, our superfood blends bring out your hidden potential and bring more vivacious action to your day!

We also offer recipes, mixes and other fun ways to bring 180 Nutrition into your diet. We also offer a special line of all-natural high protein bars that help you ease off of empty calories and learn how to really get your engine going. Our line of high protein bars will be hard to beat, with the highest nutritional ratio of ingredients to help you recover and retake your day.

Don’t scan the supermarket shelves for scraps of protein-based foods: try our all natural high protein bars today.

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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