Do a 180 on Your Protein Bars

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You’ve dieted, worked out, eaten special foods and potions, and ultimately, nothing worked the way you’d hoped. Before you eat another one of those popular protein bars you spent a fortune on, take a look at the list of ingredients.

What you thought was a natural, healthy blend of real food probably isn’t. In fact, that little bar almost certainly contains enough preservatives to keep it from crumbling for centuries. The label will most likely list items, such as artificial colors and sweeteners with names that do not sound like real food.

You need to change your approach to health and fitness by trying 180 Nutritions protein bars. The list of ingredients is very short, including the 180 Nutrition Original Superfood Formula, sunflower kernels, and flaxseed meal. The company worked hard to incorporate their all natural, raw food philosophy into these convenient bars, so that fans of their original supplement can easily stick to their healthy routines and not be tempted to eat unnatural, super-processed bars. Gluten free and flavored with natural chocolate and coconut, 180 protein bars give people serious about their work-outs the energy they need while nourishing the body.

Too many people don’t bother to find out what is actually in their food. You cannot just trust that a brand labeled nutritious actually is. When you committed to getting healthy, you wanted natural, muscle-building help, not a bar filled with processed this and that. No one equates healthy with preservatives, and you won’t hear companies that use them bragging about it. At 180 Nutrition, you get exactly what you are looking for: help to live a healthy life and the tools that make health and fitness easy and convenient.

Visit today and learn more about the company’s philosophy and products. You will truly feel better and be stronger and healthier.

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