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180 Nutrition: Natural whole foods are pure, unprocessed and rich in vital nutrients and continue to win converts around the globe. Their fans understand the benefits of Clean Eating versus the adverse effects of ingesting processed foods.

Among these healthy edibles, there are five that stand out. They are green leafy vegetables, avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds and olive oil. When you consider the nutrient powerhouse each provides, few others can come close. If you’re ready to do your body some favours, here’s how these stars of the food world can help.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green is for go in the vegetable world, and green leafy vegetables are sure to go the distance in getting your motor running. In addition to preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, boosting circulation and purifying the blood, they will also improve gall bladder, liver and kidney function. Sadly, if it weren’t for the occasional hamburger platter, many would fail to notice that leafy greens exist.


Who doesn’t love guacamole? If you’ve been avoiding avocado in fear of its fat content, don’t let those calories fool you. Avocado fat is one of the healthy fats, the monounsaturated kind that protects the heart by reducing bad cholesterol. High in protein, low in sugar, loaded with potassium and rich in vitamins K, B, C and E, avocado can fend off diabetes and cancer. It might even help you lose weight.

Coconut Oil

There once was once a time when many saw nothing but danger in coconut oil, believing that for anyone who dared to consume it, heart disease was just around the corner. In reality, experts now know that coconut oil can fight viral, bacterial and yeast infections, bolster thyroid function and even reduce cholesterol. Contrary to the earliest beliefs, coconut oil will fight heart disease, not cause it. Learn more here.

Nuts and Seeds

Here’s another winner in the healthy fats department. Despite what many believe, just one handful of nuts a day can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller longer. Nut-eaters also have a great head start when it comes to preventing diabetes. Edibility is probably their strongest selling point. Getting healthy never tasted so good.

Olive Oil

A third on the list of healthy fats, no one doubts its heart-protective proclivities. Nevertheless, some may be surprised to learn that olive oil will also reduce inflammation, build strong bones, improve the digestion and fight breast cancer. Even the brain can benefit as olive oil prevents stroke, enhances cognitive function and protects against the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Problem With Processed Foods

Although hidden sugars, salts and chemical additives might appeal to your sense of taste, your body has a different opinion. In addition to providing no known benefit, these intrusive elements are staggeringly adept at causing all types of disease. Supercharged foods, on the other hand, will often prevent or cure them.

When Going Natural Saves the Day

For people who switch to pure, wholesome foods, success is quick in coming. You’ll know them immediately by their energetic health, bright eyes and youthful good looks. Many of these devotees are also aware that while all-natural, unprocessed foods are special in their own right, the superfoods will more than pay their way.


If there’s currently a difference between the foods that you do eat but shouldn’t and those that you should eat but don’t, a switch to Clean Eating can turn things around. Five superfoods wait in the wings for a chance to jumpstart your life, and once you’ve embraced them, you’ll only be asking, “Why did I wait so long?”

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