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low carb snack barEating well is one of the biggest challenges a person can undertake.

In fact, and this says a lot about how hard it is to eat well, most people can get themselves to exercise regularly with greater ease than making themselves eat well. Why is it easier to exercise than to eat well? Going to the gym, taking a walk or run outdoors or playing a cardiovascular sport are all finite activities that have a clear beginning and a clear end. If a person is not exercising, he or she can be sitting.


Eating well, enjoying a nutrient dense diet, high in vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein is an infinite goal. A person cannot eat well for breakfast and reward him or herself with a chocolate shake for snack. However, with a little help and some insider information anyone can move toward healthy food choices while stimulating the sweet tooth and satiating a growling stomach.

With 180 Nutrition, people who want to eat well have endless options. They can order the 180 original formula and use it as a meal supplement, mixing a delicious, sweet tooth slaying, nutritious, belly grumble-stopping shake, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add 180 Nutrition to a bowl of porridge in the morning for a more filling, and nutritionally whole meal. Sprinkle it on lunch, or mix it in with a salad and enjoy the flavor expected, not a healthy grainy flavor that is so common with other health products.

The secret of 180 nutrition is the use of all standard, found in nature, not chemically engineered products. When cooking, a person can add a tablespoon of the original formula to a recipe and not alter the flavour of his or her favorite food while packing it with otherwise hard to get nutrients. For anyone who has ever wondered why the mid-day craving comes on, the answer is simple: lack of nutrition triggers the brain to beg for sugar.

Feed the brain healthy carbohydrates instead of processed sugar, and the time release of the natural carb will last long enough to fend off the snack cravings that sink most people’s diets everyday. And for those people out there who want a healthy afternoon snack, a great, low carb protein snack is available. The 180 Nutrition Protein Bars make a great snack for the middle of a workday and they are prefect for a bite after working out. The trick being, people who want to eat well need to fill their diet with nutrients that provide stable energy, long lasting appetite satisfaction and real flavors that stimulate the tongue. With 180 Nutrition, such a diet is a reality.

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