Mobility: Being a Supple Leopard James Newbury Style

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James NewburyBy Khan Porter

(Khan) Two weeks into the 2013 CrossFit open and undoubtedly everyone’s bodies are feeling a little beat up.

But fear not as 180 Nutrition sponsored athlete has the low-down on how to keep in fighting shape with mobility as the season continues!

After crushing 13.2, James Newbury is currently sitting comfortably in 3rd position in Australia/New Zealand.

He looks set to continue crushing the CrossFit Open and it’s likely he will be a serious contender to make it to the Games this year!

Over to James…


Mobility: Being a supple Leopard

Rolling, trigger pointing, flossing, stretching are all part of a daily routine. These elements are critical to staying injury free and having good range of motion throughout each movement.

I try to cover a good base of mobility each day to stay flexible. With some help from Jesse Barker (The Australian Kelly Starrett) I am able to cover my bases and maintain an injury free body.

Things like keg drills, trap work, super friends with floss bands, PVC rolling and trigger pointing all help with training and increasing work capacity.

Good luck guys!

James Newbury (You can follow James on FaceBook here).


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