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natural protein shakeUsing 180 Natural Protein Superfood to make natural protein shakes is one of the best ways to give your body the nutrition it needs.

These natural protein shakes are ideal meal replacements and are much healthier than other brands on the market. Incorporating these yummy shakes into your diet is easy.


Key Health Benefits

Protein shakes made with 180 Natural Protein Superfood offer numerous health benefits. The extra dose of protein these shakes provide can assist with lean muscle development. These shakes are also able to help you control your weight and are a great diet supplement. A gluten-free formula used in 180 Natural Protein Superfood assists in better digestion. You will also notice an increase in energy levels after drinking one of these shakes.

Active Ingredients

Protein shakes made with 180 Natural Protein Superfood contain some of the healthiest ingredients grown in Australia. A potent dose of grass fed whey protein isolate is included to give you an adequate amount of protein. Almond meal is used to provide your body with healthy fats. Sunflower kernels rich in omega 6 acids help to combat inflammation and also aid in cardiovascular functions. The coconut flour used comes from certified organic coconut flesh and offers a taste of sweetness along with a healthy dose of natural fibre. Stevia, a natural sweetener from South Africa containing zero calories, is used to further enhance the flavour.

Best Time to Drink

These healthy and delicious natural protein shakes are ideal to drink during any point of the day as an alternative to unhealthy meals and snacks. It is also beneficial to drink one-half to a full serving of a shake an hour before a workout and 30 minutes following fitness activities.

Protein shakes made with 180 Natural Protein Superfood are just what you need to live a healthier lifestyle. There has never been an easier way to incorporate a nutritious and delicious beverage into your diet.

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