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When wondering what the best meal replacement shakes are it ALWAYS pays to read the label. If you are staring at a long list of ingredients that you struggle to pronounce then you’d have to wonder if your meal replacement shake is actually healthy.

Did you know that many popular meal replacement shakes contain ingredients that have actually been linked to weight gain? Artificial sweeteners such as Aspertame (also known as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Canderel & E951, etc) have been known to inhibit weightloss and cause many uncomfortable side effects. This toxic chemical has long been recognised by prominent medical authorities as a neurotoxin, yet it is found in many diet supplements and diet foods.

So what is the answer when choosing the best meal replacement shake for you? We recommend natural ingredients over synthetic and a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat, with enough fibre thrown in to keep you feeling full.

We compared the ingredients of our 180 Natural Protein Superfood with a current top selling nutritional meal replacement supplement and it even shocked us!

This is how the supplements stack up:

180 Natural Protein Superfood Brand X (Current Top Seller)
Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate
Flaxseed Whey Protein Concentrate
Almond Meal Calcium Caseinate
Sunflower Kernels Micellar Casein
Coconut flour/shredded coconut Milk Protein Isolate
Cocoa (Chocolate flavour only) Egg Albumen
Pepita (Pumpkin seeds) Glutamine Peptides
Sesame Seeds Sunflower Oil
Chia Seeds Corn Syrup Solids
Psyllium Husks Sodium Caseinate
Inactive Brewers Yeast Mono- & Di-Glycerides
Stevia Di-Potassium Phosphate
Tricalcium Phosphate
Natural & Artificial Flavors
Cellulose Gum
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Non-Fat Dry Milk
Disodium Phosphate
Silicon Dioxide
Processed Cocoa Powder
Acesulfame Potassium

At 180 Nutrition our Natural Protein Superood makes a nutritious meal and will become your favourite meal replacement shake. With all natural ingredients and zero chemicals you can start your day with a healthy smoothie, the perfect meal replacement shake.

This super quick breakfast idea is packed with protein, fibre, valuable nutrients and essentialmeal replacement shake fatty acids to give you the energy you need to get through the day, making it the perfect meal replacement shake:

Prep time: 3 minutes

Makes 1 high protein meal replacement shake


  • 2-3 big spoonfuls of 180 Natural Protein Superfood
  • 100ml water/ or your choice of milk
  • Dollop of probiotic yoghurt (optional)
  • Handful of berries (blueberry or strawberry)


In a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth.

Learn more about 180 natural protein shake here

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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