What is the Best Protein Supplement for Weight Loss?

Content by: Guy Lawrence

Best Protein For Weight Loss

Bodyweight is a pretty good indicator of overall health, and being excessively overweight is the biggest sign of poor health. Sadly, one of the main reasons for weight gain is poor food choices.

They say that diet accounts for 70% of general health, while exercise only makes up the remaining 30%. If that assumption is correct, eating less and healthier is the obvious solution to any weight problem. The problem is that most people have no idea how to eat right. In addition to reducing intake of simple carbohydrates and fats, consuming high quantities of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein is the perfect way to shed those extra pounds.

Why should I eat protein?

When your major goal is to lose weight, your primary concern should be to pack on some lean muscle mass. Gaining muscle speeds up your body’s metabolic rate to help you burn more calories while at rest. It’s a much better long-term solution to losing fat and getting toned than doing cardiovascular exercises exclusively.

In order to build lean muscle, you will need to focus on performing resistance exercises. This generally means lifting weights, but you could perform bodyweight exercises or resistance band workouts instead. What really matters is that you use weight that is challenging for you so that muscle stimulation is optimised.

After working out, you will need to rebuild your torn muscle fibres by eating lots of high quality protein and resting. Protein is what repairs your muscles so they can grow larger and more powerful than before. Without enough, you will never gain muscle or get lean.

Do I need to take protein supplements?

Protein supplements are a great way to get your recommended daily intake. While they are not necessary, most people have a difficult time getting enough in their normal food for a number of reasons. Some people are too busy to prepare proper meals, and others may follow vegetarian diets, excluding a lot of protein sources from the diet. Supplements provide you with a quick and easy way to get your protein fix whenever you want it.

What is the Best Protein Supplement for Weight Loss?

Any supplement that contains a good amount of high-quality protein will help you to gain muscle, burn fat, and lose weight. Unfortunately, most protein supplements on the market also contain lots of sugars, preservatives, and other chemicals that your body doesn’t really need.

When searching for a protein bar or powder, look for one that contains a high proportion of natural ingredients. Some of the best around are those from 180 Nutrition. Known for their raw protein supplements, 180 Nutrition can supply you with the fuel to drop weight and get fit in the most healthy way possible.

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