Why do you train?

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I had an interesting discussion abut training with some friends on the weekend.



My group of mates are all into fitness and rarely do we get together and not discuss training, at least a little bit.

It’s been interesting to watch our reasons for training and therefore our methods change over the years, from sports team practices, to wanting six packs and then pursuing performance based goals.

It’s my belief that every single person should follow some sort of fitness regime. We’re becoming a more sedentary society, reliant on technology and the convenience of fast food. But having a background as PT, commitment and consistency is generally what causes people to fall of the fitness bandwagon.

Consistency only comes when you have a clear cut reason for being in the gym. We post and preach all things CrossFit here, because all of us at 180 are hooked on becoming better CrossFit athletes. Many yoga lovers practice their craft for its mental and physical benefits and to relieve some of the stresses of everyday life and bodybuilders do 12 types of curls a session to try and secure a win in their next show.

Figuring out your reason for training is the first and arguably most important step towards starting a successful training routine.

Health? Image? Sports? Performance?

Why do you train?

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