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10 Unique Uses of Coconut Oil

Content by: 180 Nutrition

benefits of coconut oil

By 180 Nutrition

If you’ve been following us for a while through our blog or Facebook page, you probably know that we are big fans of coconut oil & it’s benefits.

However, apart from cooking with it, coconut oil is also helpful in ways that may not immediately spring to mind. How about mouth hygiene and furniture maintenance? (I also wrote a post on how coconut oil can help with fat-burning here).

coconut oil toothpasteToothpaste

You can make homemade toothpaste with coconut oil. Be sure to include a few drops of essential peppermint oil and baking soda. Once you’ve blended it, add the homemade toothpaste to your toothbrush to scrub your teeth. The homemade blend is affordable, and it features a pleasant flavor.

coconut oil shavingShaving Cream

Instead of purchasing a chemical-based shaving cream, consider using coconut oil. You can keep a small container of the oil near your bathtub or in the shower. Before shaving, use a damp cloth to clear the water away from your legs. Then, cover your legs with the oil and remove the hair with a regular razor (Guy: Going to try this myself, just not on my legs!)

coconut oil moisturiserMoisturiser

When you trade your store-bought night cream for a natural moisturiser made from coconut oil, you’ll gain a product that will nourish your skin while making it smell pleasant. You can use the substance after bathing. It is also ideal for soothing dry and cracked skin on your hands. To make the cream, whip the coconut oil with a hand mixer and add your favorite essential oil.

coconut oil makeup removerEye Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is the perfect eye makeup remover. It’s gentle on your skin, which is especially important near your eyes as the skin on this area of your face is particularly delicate.

coconut oil deodorantDeodorant

You can tackle body odor with coconut oil. To use the product as deodorant, smooth it on your skin. The product will eliminate unpleasant odors while moisturizing your skin.

coconut oil shoe polishPolish

Coconut oil is a natural polishing substance. In fact, you can use it to polish stainless steel, leather shoes and even furniture. When you use it as furniture polish, be sure to spoon out at least a tablespoon of the product onto the furniture’s surface. With a microfiber cloth, blend it into the wood.

coconut oil massage oilAn All Natural Massage Oil

Coconut oil is an ideal massage oil substance. When the product is at room temperature, it is in solid form, but once it is smoothed onto your skin, it will begin to melt quickly. Furthermore, it’s less messy than traditional massage oil because it isn’t fluid until your skin warms it up. The scent is pleasant and soothing.

coconut oil candidaFights Candida & Parasites

Several studies have proven that coconut oil can be used as a defense against dangerous organisms. For instance, when researchers used it against candida, the oil was successful at stopping the fungus. Researchers also studied its effectiveness against head lice. They found that when they mixed coconut oil with anise spray, it eliminated the parasites.

coconut oil season wokSeason Cast Iron Woks & Skillets

If you enjoy cooking, then you likely know the benefits of using a cast iron skillet to prepare food. The pan type is durable, and it cooks food evenly. However, you must season the skillet before using it. Fortunately, coconut oil seasons cast iron skillets perfectly. In addition, many chefs prefer the product because it does not add fat to the pan.

coconut oil ice creamIce Cream

You can use coconut oil instead of milk in ice cream. According to taste testers, the replacement is delicious, and it adds a satisfying coconut flavor to ice cream. Furthermore, the tasters reported that the treat’s appearance was attractive as was the smell and consistency.

Coconut oil is a diverse substance that you can use to replace many of your chemical-based products. Moreover, it will help the inside and outside of your body.

Are you a fan of coconut oil? Do you have any unusual uses you can share with us? Love to hear your thoughts… Guy

180 Nutrition

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    3 Replies to “10 Unique Uses of Coconut Oil”
    Garry says:

    Very helpful information, thank you…

    Mia Gordon says:

    Great ideas here – did you know you can also use it for stretch marks by adding some rose hip, and carrot seed oil and also tamanu oil as it is regenerative.

    Guy Lawrence says:

    Thanks Mia… Is it effective? I’ve known Rose Hip Oil to be effective for burns & scars, but haven’t heard of this combo… Will check it out! – Guy

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