Another Reason to Abandon Vegetable Oils

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After interviewing hundreds of the worlds best health experts on our podcast ‘The Health Sessions‘ they all agree that the removal of the following foods will lead to better health:

  • Sugar (in all of it’s disguises)
  • Refined Flour
  • Vegetable Oils

vegetable oilsIt’s fair to say that reducing the sweet stuff and cutting back on the wheat and gluten containing foods is becoming a common message from the mainstream media. The message to #jerf  ‘just eat real food’ is becoming louder day-by-day but there’s still confusion around the use of vegetable oil, after all it comes from vegetables right?

Well yes and no… vegetable oils like canola oil, soybean, sunflower or rice bran oil were extremely rare in our diets prior to about 1920 and the reason that we’re consuming vast quantities of these oils now is because they’re cheap. They are oils created by applying an industrial process to a waste product like seeds and are very high in a type of fat called omega-6.

Consuming these refined oils which are high in omega-6 fats have been shown to fuel our body’s inflammatory pathways and scientists have hypothesized that eating too much omega-6 can lead to increased inflammation in the body and potentially contribute to disease.

A Recent Study on The Consumption of Soybean Oil

This new study published in the journal Endocrinology discovered that soybean oil consumption (in mice) had negative effects on the hypothalamus, and may also increase the risk of neurological conditions like autism, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression. The researchers also noted that the consumption of soybean oil changed the genetic expression of over 100 genes involved in everyday bodily functions.

As part of the study they also tested the use of coconut oil which did not show any of the negative effects outlined above. This contradicts the mainstream advice that polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils) are a better option than saturated fats (like coconut oil). This is interesting as we have been advised to reduce our consumption of saturated fats for many years.

Vegetable oils are commonly found in processed and packaged foods and it pays to always check the ingredients list if you are wanting to reduce the consumption of these oils.

Learn more about reducing inflammation below:

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