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Damon Gameau of That Sugar Film shares with us what he eats in day, school screenings, cinema choc tops & night vision!You can listen to the full interview here: http://bit.ly/17ixelZ

Posted by 180nutrition on Monday, March 30, 2015

Damon Gameau, the man behind ‘That Sugar Film’ shares with us what he eats in a typical day, along with his mission to get the movie screened in all schools across Australia. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make it a must! Learn more about That Sugar Film here.

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That sugar filmGuy Lawrence: We’ve got a few questions we ask everyone on the podcast every week, and one of them is: Can you tell us what you ate today or yesterday?

Damon Gameau: What I ate today? That’s a good question. What did I eat today? Well, just before you guys I made this kind of muddle in the fry pan. It had halloumi. It had chicken. It had mushrooms. And it had broccoli. It was like a weird kind of mangled stir fry.

For breakfast I had a smoothie and I had a bit of coconut water with the flesh in it. I had cucumber. I had some spinach. And a little bit of coconut yogurt. And that’s pretty much all I’ve eaten today. And I had a handful of almonds.

Stuart Cooke: Wow.

Guy Lawrence: Fantastic.

Stuart Cooke: Real food.

Guy Lawrence: It’s not hard to do either, is it?

Stuart Cooke: That’s right.

Damon Gameau: Delicious. Absolutely delicious.

Stuart Cooke: Food that our grandparents would recognize.

Damon Gameau: I know. That’s right. That great quote about; that says “Organic: what your grandparents used to call food.”

The same goes for schools.

And then my goal is to get it into every school in Australia by the end of the year. And so far we’ve had an incredible amount of schools that have signed up that are really interested in it. And I think, again, as the film’s actually out there, you guys have seen it, you know that it will generate its own discussion and people will want to; they’ll be talking about it.

So, that’s my hope. Then we do the same in the UK and the U.S. And, again, I think because the film will be out and about this year, that hopefully it will kind of generate a discussion and more people and it will kind of have a snowball effect. And then it will release on television at the middle of the year. We’ve sold it to one of the networks and then DVD, of course, and iTunes.

And so there’s a real chance that we can spread it out as far and wide as we can and I’m also gonna be pushing it and doing anything I can, going to screenings and doing all the Q and A’s, because, like I said, I’m very passionate about it. I’m very proud of it. And I want as many people as I can to see it as well.

Guy Lawrence: Yeah. Fantastic. Good on you, man. That’s just awesome.

Stuart Cooke: I’m just thinking about the audience at the time, with their Choc-tops and their Coca-Cola. At what point do they put down…

Damon Gameau: I did actually think; early on I thought it would be great to actually have a hidden camera that had night vision. And then just watch their faces like suddenly put it down about 10 minutes later. You’d see this cup disappear. Ah!

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Damon Gameau

This podcast features Daon Gameau who is an Australian television and film actor who is the director of, and lead role in, That Sugar Film. Gameau also appeared in the Australian series Love My Way, the 2002 Australian film The Tracker, and in a small role in the US... Read More

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