How soft drinks impact your health

Content by: Guy Lawrence

By Guy Lawrence (Image courtesy of

Know anyone who drinks soft drinks? If you do, tell them to spend 5 minutes going over this extremely well put together image. (Click image to enlarge.)

If they still persist and continue to drink the stuff, then shine a torch in their ear and see if you can see light the other side! Soft drinks are bad for you plain and simple!

Some of you might be reading this and say that’s ok, I only drink diet soda. Well think again! Diet sodas contribute to weight gain, obesity and ill health just as much as sodas.

I wrote a post recently on the effects of diet sodas – Are diet sodas a health choice?

The message is simple really. If you care about your health, kick the soft drinks all together! 

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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