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By Brenda Janschek

Guy – Due to Stu’s obsession with healthy eating for children we will be covering a number of guest posts. We hope to start a ‘lunchbox revolution’ and wanted to share this fantastic post from Brenda Janschek. Over to Brenda…

As a holistic health coach and healthy kids crusader, my philosophy focuses on feeding our children healthy, nutrient dense wholefoods that will optimise their health and vitality over the long term.

By consuming the foods that most effectively nourish their growing bodies, they will be more likely to boost their own immune systems and continually build up resistance to disease throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, children today are less active and consume so much refined, processed and nutrient-deficient foods that they increasingly face complications with their health, making them more susceptible to various short term and long term health issues.

Our children’s lunch comprises a third of their daily nutritional intake, so it’s a great opportunity to include fabulous fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and meat. A diet that includes these groups will assist their concentration and provide bundles of positive, balanced energy for the rest of the day (until witching hour, that is!). The added benefit is that it teaches our children how to make their own healthy food choices because they live it every day (especially if you include them some freedom in choosing what healthy things can go into their lunchbox).

With a bit of planning and inspiration, we can avoid including commercially packaged foods and provide them fun, delicious and nutritious lunchbox options instead.

Here are some of our family faves, which are rotated and mixed and matched 🙂

homemade hommusHummus with vegetable sticks

Hummus is made from chick peas, a fabulous source of protein. Cut up some carrots, celery, capsicum & cucumber for the kids to dip. It’s a scrumptious snack.

See my recipe here

natural yogurtNatural Yogurt

Delicious and versatile! Pack in a tub topped with homemade granola, raw honey and mixed berries. Or blend natural yogurt with banana and/or berries and cinnamon, sunflower seeds and raw honey. (You can freeze this one to make a frozen yoghurt that will be thawed just enough and ready to eat by little lunch or big lunch).

popcornAir-Popped Popcorn

All you need is a saucepan or a pop-corn maker. Once popped, pour some butter (not margarine) over the top, along with a sprinkle of celtic sea salt or himalayan rock salt.

wrapsMountain Bread wraps

My ‘go-to’ lunchbox staple when I haven’t had time to plan or prepare.

It’s easy to spread on some avocado (mix with lemon juice to prevent browning) followed by chicken, ham, turkey, cheese (all preferably pastured and grass-fed) plus some dark, leafy greens for extra nutrients.

Simply roll, cut in half and add to lunchbox.

savoury muffinsSavoury Egg muffins

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and are full of vitamins and wonderful goodness.

You can add your kids favourite vegetables to the mix and make these in advance as a quick and easy lunchbox addition.

Check out the recipe here

kale chipsKale Chips

Kale is a dark, leafy green that is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. These chips are super-easy to make and are taking my kids’ school by storm.

For this super-easy recipe click here

monkey bitesMonkey Bites

Monkey Bites are great to have on hand for parents on the go. They are full of protein and good fats, offering a great alternative to other processed foods full of nasties.

sushi rollsSushi Rolls

My kids’ favourite lunchbox addition! They would have these everyday of the week.

Simply place some leftover brown rice or quinoa, avocado (squeezed with lemon to prevent browning), tuna or chicken onto a nori sheet and roll. Voila!

cacao ballsRaw Cacao Balls

With ingredients like cacao, coconut, and coconut oil, this delectable ball is choc-full of super nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins and minerals.

Find out how easy they are to make with this simple recipe


As the weather cools down, hearty leftover soups, spaghetti bolognese, casseroles, quinoa or rice bakes, rissoles and slow cooker meals are quick, easy additions.

 Other favourites

  • Fruit salad
  • Bocconcini salad with baby tomatoes and home-made pesto
  • Spelt and buckwheat pancakes with a scraping of raw honey and apple puree
  • Raspberry and coconut spelt muffins
  • Lettuce wraps filled with ham, cheese and vegetables (great Primal option),
  • Frozen peas, carrots and corn
  • Bircher muesli

For more lunchbox tips why not check out my blog “Reduce Lunchbox Stress in 7 Easy Ways”

I hope you enjoy and have fun with these ideas. Healthy, quick and tasty – what more could you ask for?

Brenda JanschekBrenda Janschek is a qualified health coach, speaker, wellness blogger, and a busy mother of 2. She is an avid spokesperson for children’s health, nutrition and family wellbeing, passionately bringing scrumptious goodness & positive well being into the homes of families throughout Australia through a variety of workshops and programs.

Website – Brenda Janschek Health & Lifestyle

Facebook – Facebook Community

Twitter  – @BJanschek

Instagram – BrendaJanschek

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