The Six Hidden Benefits Of Organic Hemp Protein Powder.

Content by: Guy Lawrence

organic hemp protein powder

If you’re a regular at the health food shop, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed that hemp-based products are moving further up the shelves and becoming front and centre among many organic goods.

Whether it’s in the form of hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, or hemp toiletries; the use of hemp is increasing in popularity and because of its proven health benefits, hemp – a completely natural plant-based product – is here to stay.

Before we say another word, you CANNOT get high from hemp, no matter how much you consume…and nor should you try!

Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s talk hemp protein powder…

Traditionally, you might be familiar with hemp as a product used in the manufacturing of clothing, jewellery, toiletries, and goods such as paper. While, as a natural material, hemp plays a significant role in creating a sustainable environment, hemp is increasingly becoming known and used for its valuable nutritional content.

So why the big hoorah about hemp protein powder?

Hemp powder is at the top of our shopping list and if you haven’t yet become acquainted with the popular plant, here are six reasons to include hemp powder as a regular part of a balanced diet.

1. Hemp protein powder contains essential amino acids

Hemp seeds contain all 21 amino acids required to support every essential metabolic function of the body. NINE of those amino acids must be consumed through your nutrition as the body can’t produce them naturally, and hemp powder contains every single one making it an excellent source of protein that will help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

2. Hemp powder may contribute to a healthy heart

Hemp powder contains arginine which is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves circulation and arginine consumption has been proven to increase blood flow in the arteries to the heart and therefore may contribute to reducing the risk of coronary heart disease which occurs when blood flow is restricted.

3. Hemp powder may contribute to good digestive health

Hemp seeds are an easily digestible and excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre, both of which contribute to a healthy digestive system. Insoluble fibre helps waste pass through the gut and intestines, and soluble fibre contributes to healthy gut fauna, essential to controlling inflammation levels. Two tablespoons of hemp seeds contain approximately two grams of the recommended daily allowance of 30 grams of fibre.

4. Hemp powder may help weight-loss as part of a calorie controlled nutrition plan

Hemp has been proven as an appetite suppressant as it helps you feel full for longer which is partly due to the fibre content. This can aid a weight-loss program by helping you to eat less, and reducing the need to reach for unhealthy snacks. Remember that a balanced diet rich in a variety of nutrients is recommended for healthy weight-loss so you can’t rely on hemp powder alone if you’re trying to battle excess kilos.

5. Hemp powder can contribute to a healthy immune system

Fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 are pivotal in creating a healthy immune system and reducing inflammation throughout the body and are both found in hemp seeds. Hemp seeds provide an ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of illness and chronic disease such as cancer and arthritis so consuming hemp powder regularly will reduce this risk of illness.

6. Hemp powder can regulate hormone imbalances

Many women suffer from an imbalance of prolactin which can lead to both physical and emotional responses during their cycle. Prolactin is regulated by prostaglandin which is found in hemp seeds and regular consumption can stabilise those responses.

How can I consume hemp?

There’s no doubt that hemp seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and if you want to take advantage of the plethora of benefits of hemp it can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Our 180 Organic Hemp Plus is a combination of pure hemp, sprouted rice, and fermented pea protein. It’s 100% natural and when consumed regularly it will support your healthy lifestyle, and it’s available now.

Our Organic Plant Protein Powder is officially available in our online store.

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