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14-Day Cleanse



Superfood Protein Blend - Whey

14 Day Cleanse Guide

Organic Greens Plus

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180 Nutrition Cleanse GuideIntroducing Your Personal Cleanse Guide (valued at $29.95)

This easy-to-follow guide will provide a checklist against each of the EAT, MOVE, LIVE pillars (our pillars to amazing health) and outline what it takes to achieve optimal health, energy and vitality, plus meal plans and recipes to give you quick, delicious and health-boosting meals throughout the 14-Day Cleanse. It includes:

  • Daily Cleanse Schedule
  • 14 Day Meal Plan + Full Shopping List
  • Drinks, Snacks & Hydration
  • Exercise, Movement & Sleep Guide

180 Nutrition CleanseWhat Makes Our Cleanse Program Unique?

Our weekly podcast ‘The Health Sessions’ allow us to engage with the world’s best experts, challenge conventional thinking and share our discoveries along the way. It’s here that we have outlined the best available information on the topics of digestive health, weight loss, energy, sleep and stress management. This is so much more than a standard high street cleanse.

180 Nutrition Cleanse Collection

Includes Our Amazing Superfood + Greens Blend Duo

  • Superfood Protein Blend
  • Organic Greens Plus

180 Superfood Protein Blend provides a fuss-free way to have a quick, nutritious meal or snack with NO CHEMICALS. Our Greens Plus is a unique blend of freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses and algaes. Together they nourish the body, help eliminate poor food choices and promote healthy digestion and detoxification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 14-Day Cleanse package includes: 1 x 600g bag of Superfood Protein Blend, 1 x 250g bag of Organic Greens Plus, 1 x 14-Day personal cleanse guide (PDF Format) & Free Shipping.
You can expect to discover the foods that were previously holding back your health goals. You will gently detox, feel more energetic, sleep deeper and awake more refreshed.
We feature 2 full weeks of healthy meals with a guide to snacks, drinks and full shopping list.
All of our products are Australian made in our factory located just outside of Byron Bay.
Both the Superfood Protein Blends & Organic Greens Plus have a 2 year shelf life.

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14-Day Cleanse Collection

Unlike high street juice fasts our 14-Day Cleanse will guide you onto a path of true wellness. You will finally understand and enjoy implementing simple strategies that provide real results without the hunger or need to drink green juices at every mealtime.

Best used for:

  • Increased Energy and Restorative Sleep
  • Weight Loss and Improved Skin
  • Clearer Thinking and Reduced Stress

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our product simply contact us within 7 days of the delivery date to obtain a full refund (excludes 4 kg bags). Notification by email is required, please note that if you are returning multiple items, all other bags must be unopened and returned.