• 18g of Collagen Protein
  • 1 Simple Ingredient
  • Clinically Proven Benefits

Collagen Powder Bundle

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Collagen Powder

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Collagen Powder

$49.95 $44.96

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More Info
  • Clinically Trialled With Proven Results
  • Supports Tissue Building, Joint & Skin Health
  • Contributes to the Growth & Maintenance of Muscle Mass
  • 18g Protein Per Serve
  • Sugar Free / Zero Carbs
  • Unflavoured & Easy to Mix
Serving Size:25g Average Quantity Per Serve Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 306 1530
Protein (gm) 18 90
Fat Total (gm) 0 0
– Saturated (gm) 0 0
Carbohydrates (gm) 0 0
– Sugars (gm) 0 0
Sodium (mg) 100 500

Amino Acid Profile

Serving Size:25g Average Quantity Per Serve Average Quantity Per 100g
Alanine (gm) 1.7 8.6
Arginine (gm) 1.5 7.3
Aspartic Acid (gm) 1.2 5.8
Glutamic Acid (gm) 2.0 10.2
Glycine (gm) 4.4 22.2
Histidine (gm) 0.2 1.0
Hydroxyproline (gm) 2.4 11.9
Hydroxylysine (gm) 0.3 1.6
Isoleucine (gm) 0.3 1.4
Leucine (gm) 0.5 2.7
Lysine (gm) 0.7 3.6
Methionine (gm) 0.2 0.9
Phenylalanine (gm) 0.4 2.1
Proline (gm) 2.5 12.7
Serine (gm) 0.6 3.2
Threonine (gm) 0.4 1.8
Tyrosine (gm) 0.2 0.8


Collagen Protein

The purest form of 100% bovine collagen peptides.

How to Use…

  1. Shake it: Mix 20g (4 heaped teaspoons) daily into any hot or cold liquid of choice and simply stir or shake to enjoy.
  2. Bake it: Add a serve when baking to create amazing superfood snacks, we’ve got hundreds of recipes online to show you how.
  3. Mix it: Add to your favourite smoothies or use with hot foods or drinks like bone broth, soups, tea and coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since many of us now favour lean cuts of meat collagen is often left out of the modern diet. The 180 Nutrition Collagen Powder has been clinically trialled and shown to be readily available for the body to utilise (even as low as 5g per day). Collagen is necessary for tissue building and repair and also contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and can promote glowing, vibrant skin.
Our Collagen Protein has a super-neutral flavour meaning that it can be added to almost anything (cold and hot drinks, shakes and smoothies as well as savoury and sweet dishes).
Our Collagen Protein is derived from pasture raised, hormone-free German cows giving you a clean and pure, high quality product.
There are 25 x 20g serves per 1kg bag
A single serve of 180 Collagen Powder provides 18g of protein.
The answer is yes. This is because our collagen is 100% pure protein derived from natural bovine sources with absolutely no hidden chemical or additives.
Our Collagen Protein has 2 years shelf life if stored in a cool dry place.
Lactose Free
100% Natural
Gluten Free
Digestion Friendly
Family Friendly

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Compliment Your Diet

Our collagen powder contains 100% bovine collagen peptides. It is easily digested and rapidly absorbed and can help to complement your daily diet.

A serve of 180 Nutrition Collagen Powder:

  • Supports Joint & Skin Health
  • Is Necessary for Tissue Building & Repair
  • Contributes to the Growth & Maintenance of Muscle Mass
  • Is Sugar Free with Zero Carbohydrates

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our product simply contact us within 7 days of the delivery date to obtain a full refund (excludes 4 kg bags). Notification by email is required, please note that if you are returning multiple items, all other bags must be unopened and returned.