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Superfood Treats – Recipe eBook

Treats For Better Health


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20 Simple & Delicious Healthy Recipes

These amazing ‘clean eating’ treats include:

  • Superfood Fudge Bombs
  • Protein Rich Banana Bread
  • Fibre Rich Superfood Pancakes
  • High Protein Donuts

And so much more. If you’re short on time and want to whip up tasty, healthy treats then this book is for you 🙂

Plus the Following Bonus Sections

  • Nutritional Principals
  • Pantry Stapes for ‘Healthy Treats’
  • Sweetener Guide

This guide is a great place to start if you want to treat yourself with truly healthy options.

Kind Words from our Customers

“I absolutely love the work you guys do helping people around the world to lead healthy, balanced lives at peak health. The book is great and opened my eyes to a whole heap of easy but healthy recipes. I made some High Protein Brownies for my son’s school fete. However, by the time of the fete, we had eaten them all and had to made some more. I’ll let you know how they go.”
Adrian – Facebook

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Superfood Treats

High street treats usually curb a craving, give us a quick hit and then leave us feeling tired and sluggish as our blood sugar rises and drops. Superfood treats are different as they are packed with deeply nourishing whole food ingredients.

Best used for:

  • Eliminate unhealthy processed snacks
  • Ditch the wheat, sugar and chemicals
  • Load up with fibre, protein and good fats
  • Enjoy your favourite treats – naturally

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