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180 Recipes: High protein summer berry parfait

high protein recipeBy 180 Nutrition

When Caroline sent me this delicious high protein dessert recipe to my inbox, I must admit I had to look up ‘parfait’. Not a term we used often back in the valleys of Wales.

But I now know it’s French for ‘perfect’. And I can honestly vouch that this simple recipe deserves it’s ‘parfait’ title, as this high protein dessert is simply delicious!

You can also freeze this combination and take it to work in a small tupperware container for an afternoon snack. Or even have it frozen  as it’s a bit like a chocolate berry ice cream, only healthier! And if you don’t eat dairy, you can try this recipe here…Dairy free coconut mousse. 


Simply use a tall glass and layer all the ingredients together. And there you have it, a great tasting high protein dessert! How simple a recipe is that… Delicious and super easy.

Big thanks to Caroline Howe for the recipe…

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