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Chocolate Chia and Nut Truffles

Chocolate Chia and Nut Truffles

Angela: Love these simple healthy high protein treats. Simple to make and you have a healthy treat ready to go when you are feeling the need for something sweet. Thanks for the recipe Angeline…


Method (makes 12 balls)

  1. Place the 5 scoops into a mixing bowl along with the vanilla powder.
  2. Mix in the maple syrup and filtered water until it forms a paste.
  3. Shape into balls (I made 12) and toss in a bowl with desiccated coconut.
  4. Refrigerate to harden and then enjoy!

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    5 Replies to “Chocolate Chia and Nut Truffles”

    the chocolate & Chia ingredients seem to be missing from this recipe 🙂

    Admin Angela says:

    Hi Patti, There is chia seeds and cocoa in the 180 superfood 🙂

    Smile says:

    Just enquiring, I made this according to the recipe, but it was far too runny. Not a paste??
    So I had to add quite a few more scoops!!
    Any suggestions as to why this was the case??

    Angeline says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your question, I’m not sure why that happened for you. It could be that I added 5 heaped scoops or also I let it stand for a few minutes so that some of the liquid is absorbed by the fibre in the powder. I use the 1/2 cup as a rough guide and sometimes add less so maybe next time add a 1/4 of cup of liquid and see how it looks as see whether you need more. You sound like you rescued it pretty well. Thanks for the feedback though.

    Tiffany says:

    Mine was far too funny as well, I’ve put the mixture in the fridge and will see how it is tonight. In hindsight, add water last and only a tiny bit.

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