Pink Vegan Protein Balls

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Stu: How tasty does this look from Jess @feed4speed who is creating the most delicious healthy recipes from Melbourne. This Pink Vegan Protein Balls recipe will make a great post-workout snack or dessert 🙂


  • 90g almonds⁠
  • 10g sesame seeds⁠
  • 20g macadamia nuts ⁠
  • 1tbsp lemon rind ⁠
  • 3 serves of Superfood Protein Blend ⁠(vegan)
  • Dash of honey (or dates) ⁠
  • Pink pitaya powder⁠


  1. Roast nuts and seeds in oven (optional)⁠
  2. Blitz the lemon rind and nuts in a blender⁠
  3. Add the honey ⁠
  4. Continue to process until this becomes a paste (takes approx 5mins)⁠
  5. Add Superfood Protein Blend and mix until combined⁠
  6. Roll out protein ball and coat with pink pitaya powder or enjoy as is ⁠
  7. Can store in fridge for a firmer texture⁠

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Product Used in the Pink Vegan Protein Balls

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