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Healthy Chocolate & Coconut Popsicles


Stu: Everyone loves to cool down with a popsicle during the hot summer months so here’s a quick recipe that avoids all the processed junk. Whether you reach for a Magnum, Paddle Pop or my old favourite the Golden Gaytime, these will not disappoint. Note: You will need to access one of those swanky plastic lolly Read More…

Homemade Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream


By 180 Nutrition Awesome natural homemade chocolate ice cream recipe that’s great for a treat. This is way better than the shop versions as they are usually highly processed, dairy based and loaded with nasties (think sugar). This easy recipe uses the coconut milk, our favourite fruit and chocolate 180 Protein Superfood. This ice cream is way is easier Read More…

Guilt free, gluten free high protein low carb 180 chocolate bread


By 180 Nutrition I didn’t know this was possible. But this high protein low carb 180 chocolate bread is simply divine! Guilt free and gluten free, with the only thing needed is 15 minutes of your time and the ingredients to put this together. This loaf makes for the perfect snack or dessert giving you a Read More…

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