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Tag: fresh fruits and vegetables

Protein Bars: A Simple Way to Change Your Life


// All of us say we want to look better and feel better but are we willing to make the changes that will count? Believe it or not, all it takes are baby steps. Everybody can find some simple, small change in our daily habits that can really change our lives for the better. One Read More…

The Benefits of Drinking a Weight Loss Shake


// Have you been trying to trim your body and get the weight down but nothing seems to work? Are you tired of trying fad diets and diet pills which make you feel awful? Change your thinking and try another approach with a weight loss shake that contains completely natural ingredients to get the job Read More…

Eat like a caveman and follow the Paleo diet to better health


// Would adopting the diet our caveman ancestors supposedly ate allow modern-day Americans live longer, healthier lives? Proponents of the Paleo diet (for Paleolithic) say that meals packed with fresh fruits and vegetables and heavy doses of lean (preferably wild) meat, fish and seafood will “swiftly improve your disease symptoms” if you have high blood pressure, Read More…

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