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Should We Use Fluoride In Our Toothpaste?

180 TV

The above video is 2:37 minutes long. Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Guy: No doubt about it, there’s lots of debate with fluoride on the internet. So who better a person to ask than holistic dentist who has over thirty five years in the industry. The big question is; Read More…

Best High-Protein Vegan Snacks


By 180 Nutrition // Veganism is widely considered to be a healthy lifestyle choice and is practiced by millions of people. Despite its benefits, however, your body still requires significant amounts of protein in order to function correctly. Too little protein results in cognitive impairment, low energy, overeating, muscle wasting, blood glucose imbalance, impaired healing, Read More…

Protein Supplements for Women


By 180 Nutrition We all know that men and women are not created equally, at least not in terms of our body chemistry. As such, the same nutritional supplements that may work for men might not be right for a woman and vice versa. However, many supplements do provide both health and fitness benefits for Read More…

Vegan protein powder


By 180 Nutrition // There are so many hidden ingredients in all kinds of different food, it’s impossible to be vegan without reading all the ingredients listed on the back of each item. Unfortunately, this can come as a shock to many who realize just how many artificial flavorings and other chemicals are being pumped Read More…

Protein Supplements


// Once strictly the domain of professional body builders, protein supplements are now growing in popularity for people of all athletic ability. However, it is important to learn more about the purpose of protein supplements, how to use them and what to look for on product labels to ensure product quality and freshness. About Protein Read More…

So good they may as well be homemade protein bars


// Our Healthy Natural Protein Bars The new bars from 180 Nutrition are so good they may as well be homemade protein bars. Unfortunately many store-bought protein bars are really no better than candy bars with added protein. Most are loaded with sugar containing more chemical ingredients than your typical science lab. The reviews for our Read More…

Improve aging by increasing your daily protein intake


// According to studies published by a team of researchers, including Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones at the University of Texas, there is evidence that consuming 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal helps to maximize muscle building (or synthesis) in both younger and older adults — and that’s even without the added benefits of exercise. Read More…

Will protein supplements give me big muscles?


// Protein doesn’t build muscle directly: strength training using weights in the gym and resistance exercises are responsible for muscle growth. Consuming protein alone and protein supplements, in the absence of weight training, will not result in muscle growth.  However, protein does play a vital role in the repair and recovery of muscle fibers that Read More…

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