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Tag: health and wellbeing

Mango and Passionfruit Dairy Free Cheesecake


Angela: Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Here’s what I am making on Christmas Day for dessert. A dairy free cheesecake full of food fats, protein and hidden vegetables. Over to the inspiring Angeline… Angeline: I get such a kick out of making a dessert that I know won’t interfere with my goals, tastes great and satisfies Read More…

How to Crush Bad Habits & Create Change Forever

Positive Psychology

Stu: If someone asks me what’s the one thing they should focus on for amazing health, my first response is to always work on that grey matter between your ears! Ultimately, our thoughts drive our actions and I feel it’s super important to work on our mindset a little each day. That’s why I was Read More…

Why I eat Superfoods: An elite athletes perspective


Guy: Meet James Newbury, an incredible athlete, coach and now gym owner. James is undoubtedly one of the fittest blokes in the country. (In fact he just placed second in the inaugural Men’s Fitness ‘Fit Bloke Challenge’ against an incredibly tough field). We caught up with James to hear exactly what a ‘superfood’ is and how Read More…

Overcoming all the odds with Caroline Howe


By Guy Lawrence “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” – unknown This blog post has been long overdue! Ever wondered who is behind all our healthy 180 protein supplement recipes? Well it’s with great pleasure I get to introduce Caroline Howe into the frame. But this is no ordinary story. A mother Read More…

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