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Tag: healthy meal replacement

Protein bars for weight loss


By 180 Nutrition After 18 months of maintenance check-up with my doctor, he finally broke the bad news to me the medication he prescribed to me years ago to control my hypertension is no longer working. The blood pressure readings have been going up each and every time I came in for a check-up and Read More…

The Natural Way to Lose Weight Fast


// Creating a healthier lifestyle begins with a product that encourages a balance of nutritional needs. Feeding the body with the right ingredients kick-starts the body’s metabolism which aids in the burning of calories. A healthy diet gives the body the fuel it needs before, during, and after exercise. 180 Nutrition offers a plan that includes Read More…

Meal replacement shakes for women


// Protein shakes are great for before and after workouts to help rebuild muscle tissue, but that isn’t the only way to use them in your diet. Indeed, they can also be used as a snack or meal replacement for those looking to reduce or maintain their weight. Replacing at least one meal a day Read More…

The only high protein meal replacement you will ever need


By Guy Lawrence We have a belief here at 180 Nutrition when it comes to food. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, chemicals and preservatives as much as possible for greater health. By doing this, not only will you look and feel great, you will naturally lose weight and body fat. Combined with a great Read More…

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