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Tag: high protein diet

7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Clean Eating or ‘Going Paleo’


Guy: In all honesty, I don’t prescribe to any diet. There are simply foods I eat and foods I avoid for long lasting health. The Paleo diet or the ‘clean eating’ framework are great starting points but can be easily misinterpreted. I was inspired to write this post as Stu and I are now running Clean Eating Workshops to Read More…

Breakfast Ideas for Your 180 Nutrition Lifestyle


// Looking for new ideas to incorporate a high protein diet into your breakfast? A few suggestions to incorporate your 180 Formula? Let’s start with the obvious. The quick, easy, on the go breakfast – the smoothie. There are so many options with the smoothie, along with your 180 Natural Protein Superfood. An excellent source Read More…

High protein diet may improve endurance athletes performance


// Carbohydrates have typically been the go-to food for endurance athletes. But a new report published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s scientific journal said adding protein to the diet during and after training was found to improve athletes’ endurance performance slightly and to reduce some stress associated with high-intensity training, such as fatigue. Read More…

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