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Banana & Berry protein smoothie


180 Nutrition:  This smoothie is a fuss free no-brainer and takes less than a minute to make! We love smoothies as it’s about the easiest way going to replace a bad meal choice and stop you reaching for those processed junk foods. The bonus is you will know exactly what the ingredients are and what Read More…

Finding the Best Shakes for Weight Loss


Utilising a protein shake as part of your efforts to slim down and get fit can have many important benefits. Diets that do not provide you with sufficient nutrients could be limiting the effectiveness of your workout efforts or keeping you from losing weight as effectively as possible. Replacing the occasional meal with a nutritious Read More…

Do a 180 on Your Protein Bars


// You’ve dieted, worked out, eaten special foods and potions, and ultimately, nothing worked the way you’d hoped. Before you eat another one of those popular protein bars you spent a fortune on, take a look at the list of ingredients.

Protein Shakes for Weight Loss


You may be excited to learn that 180 Nutrition Protein Shakes are a healthy way to lose weight. These delicious drinks can be very good for you. When it comes to losing weight, you want to choose a product that offers natural ingredients without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. A shake can be a fun and Read More…

Just like homemade protein bars


By 180 Nutrition // We are very proud of our fantastic resource which is our blog. There are many videos that show you how to make super healthy recipes including homemade protein bars and balls and some homemade paleo cookies to name just a few. We also understand that with todays hectic lifestyle, being well prepared at all Read More…

Great tasting paleo snacks


By 180 Nutrition // The paleo diet, also known as the Stone Age or cavemen diet, has been gaining popularity recently as a way to help individual lose weight, with an ever increasing need for alternative paleo snack ideas. The concept is simple. Since cavemen weren’t overweight, humans today should consume the same food that their Read More…

Choosing the best protein bars for your lifestyle


// If you’re looking for a quick boost of energy, something to hold you over until the next meal, or even a substitute for a meal because you are on the go, protein bars are a good choice. Choosing the best protein bars for your lifestyle is tricky as you have to be careful in your Read More…

Best Protein Bar


// Everyone is on the move. There are many demands on our time and we may not be able to slow down to prepare a healthy meal. It means finding something quick and easy. However, many of the fast food choices are not good for us. They are filled with artificial colourings, additives, sugar, and Read More…

Protein Bars: A Simple Way to Change Your Life


// All of us say we want to look better and feel better but are we willing to make the changes that will count? Believe it or not, all it takes are baby steps. Everybody can find some simple, small change in our daily habits that can really change our lives for the better. One Read More…

High Protein Snacks


It’s time for a revolution in the way that people eat. Everyone wants to look great, get in shape, and feel the best that they possibly can. However, they’re going the wrong way about getting there. The market is overloaded with diet products and supplements that are loaded with artificial ingredients, chemicals that can’t even Read More…

Using Protein Bars for Weight Loss


Using protein bars for weight loss can be a great asset to your diet toolkit. Protein bars are easy and convenient and are ideal for a quick snack as they are usually a better choice when confronted with fast food or highly processed convenience foods. Most protein bars for weight loss on the market today contain Read More…

So good they may as well be homemade protein bars


// Our Healthy Natural Protein Bars The new bars from 180 Nutrition are so good they may as well be homemade protein bars. Unfortunately many store-bought protein bars are really no better than candy bars with added protein. Most are loaded with sugar containing more chemical ingredients than your typical science lab. The reviews for our Read More…

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