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Tag: protein requirements

Ruth Anderson Horrell: Food Diary of a CrossFit Athlete


By 180 Nutrition Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, there are great clues here to what one should and shouldn’t be eating to feel awesome and be at your best fighting weight! We asked 180 Ambassador and Crossfit athlete Ruth Anderson Horrell what a typical day of eating looks like and to take some pics (there Read More…

Protein Supplements for Women


By 180 Nutrition We all know that men and women are not created equally, at least not in terms of our body chemistry. As such, the same nutritional supplements that may work for men might not be right for a woman and vice versa. However, many supplements do provide both health and fitness benefits for Read More…

The best protein powders in Australia?


// By Guy Lawrence. I was at the annual Fitness & Health Expo in Sydney recently, and the first thing that stood out to me was the amount of protein powders competing with each other claiming to be the best protein powders in Australia. What was even more fascinating was the amount of money these Read More…

Help prevent cancer with smart food choices


// Research shows that 60-70% of all cancers are linked to our daily lifestyle choices such as diet, smoking and exercise. What we decide to eat and our weight is statistically just as important a risk factor as whether we smoke or not – both contribute to an elevated risk rating of approximately 30% each, Read More…

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