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Tag: smart people

Discover Why We Get Fat: Understanding Your Carbohydrate Tolerance

180 TV

The video above is 2 minutes 30 seconds long Guy: The video above is the short version of why we get fat and what we can do about it. Below is the fascinating long version as today we are joined by Dr Kieron Rooney, a Researcher in Metabolic Biochemistry. Kieron is a fun, down to earth guy who gives us Read More…

Love the latte lifestyle? Why I do not drink much milk…


After putting my thoughts into a recent post on soy lattes, the topic of milk in general started to pop up and just like soy, milk is a heavily debated topic for sure. One thing I wanted to add is that our blog at 180 Nutrition is gathering great momentum and there are some very smart people Read More…

Want to feel intelligent? Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. (In my case, not that difficult)


Richard Branson once said; make business, but more importantly life, fun. Be a team player. But if you are the brightest spark in your team, then you’re asking for trouble. Good advice I thought. Would I rather an hour with Branson or an hour with someone who’s on the dole, and will happily give me free advice on how to make a million?

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