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Organic Madagascan Vanilla Powder


Like many people, my husband and I got fed up with our lifestyle. He stays busy as an account executive and spends long hours in the office. I have the luxury of working my graphics design business from home; however, I did not feel any more energetic than he did. We sat down one rare Read More…

Low Carb Protein Snacks


Eating well is one of the biggest challenges a person can undertake. In fact, and this says a lot about how hard it is to eat well, most people can get themselves to exercise regularly with greater ease than making themselves eat well. Why is it easier to exercise than to eat well? Going to Read More…

Protein snack


// Millions of people struggle to lose weight every day but find the process impossible. This is partially because humans have been consuming food that has been chemically altered to look, taste, and even feel different. With humans consuming so many chemicals and so little actual food, it’s no wonder that dieters experience cravings, irritability, Read More…

Best Protein Bar


// Everyone is on the move. There are many demands on our time and we may not be able to slow down to prepare a healthy meal. It means finding something quick and easy. However, many of the fast food choices are not good for us. They are filled with artificial colourings, additives, sugar, and Read More…

High Protein Snacks


It’s time for a revolution in the way that people eat. Everyone wants to look great, get in shape, and feel the best that they possibly can. However, they’re going the wrong way about getting there. The market is overloaded with diet products and supplements that are loaded with artificial ingredients, chemicals that can’t even Read More…

Why you should check protein bars nutrition facts


By 180 Nutrition If you’re concerned about your health, we’re sure you would have tried a variety of a protein bars. By checking out the nutrition facts, most of these protein bars are undoubtedly loaded with chemicals and other ingredients you may not even be able to pronounce. What if there was a protein bar Read More…

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