Weight Loss & Diet Meal Replacements

Weight loss and meal replacement have never been easier with our healthy all natural products. Unlike other meal replacement products our ingredients are derived from raw and natural ingredients. Claims such as ‘sugar free, low fat, and low carb’ generally mean that synthetic ingredients have been used.

180 Natural Protein Superfood will help you find and maintain your healthy weight while also providing a quality source of protein, nutrients and minerals that are essential for a healthy metabolism.

Recent weight & diet meal replacement study

Steven Heymsfield, M.D., of St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, analyzed a half-dozen small studies comparing diet meal replacements with conventional low-calorie diets. He found that people who guzzle the shakes in place of one or two meals a day consistently lose 7 percent to 8 percent of their body weight after 1 year. That’s about 15 pounds for a 200-pound man, which, he notes, is roughly the same reduction you might achieve by taking a weight-loss drug such as Xenical–minus the risk of a drug’s side effects. Meanwhile, Dr. Heymsfield showed that people who simply try to eat less food maintain a weight loss closer to 3 percent.

How Does 180 Differ From Other Weight Loss Shakes?

  • It’s 100% natural with ingredients you recognise
  • It’s Gluten free
  • It can be used as a convenient healthy meal replacement
  • It increases metabolism due to it’s high fibre content contributing to weightloss
  • It’s free of all artificial flavourings/preservatives
  • It’s free of all processed sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • Free of any bulking agents and thickeners
  • Our difference is PURE!


  • Many weight loss shakes and meal replacements have artificial flavourings/preservatives
  •  They cut costs and use low quality grade ingredients, bulking agents and thickeners
  • They constantly change the words used in the ingredients to confuse the consumer
  • Many weight loss meal replacements and shakes are over hyped, over priced and over marketed.
  • Some come with side effect, bloating, bad skin, upset stomach etc (How can this be a health product?)

You can sample 180 Natural Protein Superfood here.