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Australia’s Favourite Range of Whole food Supplements

Unlike regular protein supplements, our superfood formulas are loaded with fibre, protein and good fats, helping your customers eliminate bad food, trim down or recover after exercise if that’s their thing. We’re 100% natural with no hidden nasties.

Our wholesale pricing structure is outlined below which is based ON A MINIMUM ORDER VALUE OF $399.00.

What We Offer

Our Superfood Protein Blends contain high quality protein + additional whole food ingredients and are currently offered in three flavours (chocolate, coconut & vanilla). They’re also available in a vegan version where the whey protein isolate is replaced with pea and rice protein.

  • 180 Superfood Protein Blend:
  • 25 serve – 1kg bags
  • Supporting Products:
  • Collagen Powder (Bovine) – 500g bags
  • Marine Collagen Powder – 60g Jar
  • Organic Hemp Plus – 480g bags
  • Superfood Protein Bars (whey based) – 12 x 50g bars
  • Protein+ Superfood Bars (plant-based) – 16 x 50g bars
  • Unflavoured Grass-Fed WPI – 1kg bags
  • Greens Plus Powder – 250g bags
  • Pure L-Glutamine – 250g bags

Got an Online Store?

We are happy to discuss stocking our products on your online store. If the fit seems right we can support you with a wide range of online assets.

180 Nutrition Wholesale Pricing

Superfood Protein Blend: WPI RRP* Wholesale Price Potential Margin**
1 x 1kg bag Superfood $59.95 $37.17 38%
4 x 1kg bags Superfood $186.95 $130.00 30%
Superfood Protein Blend: Vegan RRP* Wholesale Price Potential Margin**
1 x 600g bag Superfood $40.95 $24.55 40%
1 x 1kg bag Superfood $59.95 $37.17 38%
4 x 1kg bags Superfood $186.95 $122.40 35%
Supporting Products RRP* Wholesale Price Potential Margin**
500g Collagen Powder $49.99 $29.99 40%
60g Marine Collagen Pure Powder $29.99 $17.99 40%
480g Organic Hemp Plus $44.95 $27.61 38%
12 x 50g Superfood Protein Bars $49.95 $31.47 37%
16 x 50g Protein+ Plant-Based Bars $64.00 $37.28 41%
1kg Grass-Fed WPI (Unflavoured) $54.95 $38.93 33%
250g Organic Greens Plus Powder $54.95 $32.92 40%
150 Capsules Organic Greens Plus $35.99 $19.63 40%
250g Pure L-Glutamine Powder $29.95 $18.82 37%

*These RRPs are recommendations only and there is no obligation to sell at these prices. Wholesalers have full discretion at all times to set their own resale prices and determine their own profit margins.

**These potential margins will result if the products are sold at the RRP but are merely included for illustrative purposes as there is no requirement to sell at the RRPs.

Free Shipping

All orders over the value of $400 ship for FREE Australia-wide. For orders under $400 a flat rate of $12 will apply.


If you are happy with the information outlined above simply email support@180nutrition.com.au and ask for your wholesale account to be set-up for you.

When complete, your account will feature a secure online wholesale ordering system which makes the process fast and trouble free. Each wholesale account will be provided with a username and password which presents our product range and your order history. Payment is requested at the time of order through our secure online system with the invoice delivered with your order.

Contact Christine at support@180nutrition.com.au if you have any more questions about offering 180 Nutrition products to your customers.