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Company Snapshot

180 Nutrition was founded in January 2010 by Stuart Cooke and Guy Lawrence with the goal to offer the very best in natural health supplements and supporting information. Their efforts were recognised nationwide when they were chosen as finalists for the Telstra Business Awards, in both 2013 and 2014. This gave Stuart and Guy exposure within the national media where they were featured in articles by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to name a few. They aligned with a number of health professionals such as leading Nutritionists and Naturopaths and regularly connected with the world’s best experts in health and wellness via our iTunes podcast, ‘The Health Sessions’.

Our Unique Story

In early 2010 180 Nutrition was born, an online health and wellness business founded in beachside Coogee, Australia by two friends out of frustration with an unhealthy and confused nation. Confused with mainstream nutritional advice that didn’t seem to work, and unhealthy from the highly processed ‘healthy foods’ that were part of the problem.

Stuart and Guy’s journey began working with a small charity, helping people with chronic diseases. A team of ‘renegade’ health professionals that had decided to join forces and use whole food nutrition and weight bearing exercises as their prescribed therapy. The results were staggering and it quickly highlighted how powerful food and exercise can be if prescribed correctly. Stuart and Guy were tasked with helping these patients with their supplementation where they quickly discovered a roadblock…

The Problem

  1. Trying to provide a protein supplement to help with the patients’ recovery after exercise was near impossible. Most high street options were full of chemicals, artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

  2. Misinformation about what to eat for better health was endless. Mainstream advice was based on old and flawed science and wasn’t working. As a confused nation we simply didn’t know what to eat.

What if everything we knew about food and exercise was wrong? Something had to change…

The Solution

  1. To make whole food health supplements: Deliciously raw, pure, healthy foods, with no hidden chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind. Supplements that everyone could enjoy that would help to deeply nourish our body every day.

  2. To provide the best available health information: To connect with the world’s best experts in health and nutrition via podcasting. To challenge conventional thinking and share discoveries along the way through an online community.


“Fast forward to today and we’re proud to offer a range of truly beneficial whole food products made with natural ingredients. Our podcast ‘The Health Sessions‘ regularly sits in the top 10 iTunes charts and has reached over 4.3 million downloads.

So please, stick around, explore and enjoy what we have to offer as we’ve one goal in mind, to help you get fitter and healthier every day!

Stuart Cooke


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