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Natural Protein Supplements Online

Maintaining an adequate protein intake daily is a tough task. The typical adult diet simply doesn’t provide enough protein to support your needs – and even more so if you exercise or play sports. That’s why supplementation is key. However, you don’t have to rely solely on protein shakes or bars stacked with sugar or bulking ingredients. You can obtain your required protein intake easily and naturally with natural protein supplements from 180 Nutrition!

The Best Natural Protein Supplements Australia Wide

Here at 180 Nutrition, we make it easy to access natural protein Australia wide. We offer a great range of superfood powered protein shakes and bars, including vegan options, to ensure you can easily consume high-quality protein sources on the go. Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to get in the way of you meeting your nutritional goals. Snack and fuel the healthy way with 180 Nutrition.

The Online Protein Supplement Store Australia Can't Get Enough Of

The best natural protein supplement awaits at our online store. Shop our great range of products, including:

  • Superfood Protein Blends
    With almost 23g of protein per serving, you can curb your hunger and up your protein easily with our low sugar, low carb protein shakes, sweetened naturally with stevia leaf. We offer two options: a delicious chocolate or coconut flavoured whey protein, containing whey protein isolate from grass-fed cows or a chocolate or coconut flavoured vegan protein, made from pea protein isolate and organic brown rice protein.
    Completing the formula of both blends is a jam-packed blend of superfood ingredients including almonds, organic flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa, organic sesame seeds, psyllium husks and coconut powder to create a truly powerful daily health drink. These are the super protein supplements Australia comes back to, time and time again.
  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
    Our low-lactose, grass-fed WPI provides an incredible 27g of protein per serving. It’s yeast, wheat and gluten-free and free from added hormones or antibiotics, providing optimal digestion. This is the purest form of whey protein isolate you will be find naturally containing all the essential amino acids. It’s simply pure grass-fed whey protein and nothing else.
  • Organic Plant Protein
    High quality, tasty, organic plant protein supplements online are hard to come by. However, we have just what you’re looking for in our Organic Plant Protein powder. It combines organic hemp protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein and organic sprouted and fermented pea protein to create a packed natural protein powder. It is gluten, dairy and soy free with an all-natural formula that contains organic maca root powder for additional health benefits.
  • Superfood Protein Bars
    Enjoy a healthy snack that truly satisfies your hunger with our superfood protein bars. With 11.5g of protein per bar, you can enjoy the benefits of grass-fed whey protein isolate on the go. The formula also includes lots of natural digestion and health-boosting ingredients including almond meal, sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, chia seeds, dates, chicory root, psyllium husks and pietas. Available in an all-natural chocolate flavour.
  • Low-Carb Vegan Protein Bars
    Delicious, healthy vegan protein bars – yep, they do exist! The 180 Nutrition vegan protein bars are low-carb and packed full of wholefoods, fibre and healthy fats. With 10g of protein per bar, they will keep you full on the go. Available in two scrumptious flavours – chocolate mint and chocolate orange.

Buy Protein Supplements Online

Our Australian online supplement store is not only the best place to buy protein supplements online; we offer a great range of nutritional supplements to support your health too. From pure L-Glutamine powder to organic supergreens supplements, organic Peruvian Maca powder to organic cacao powder as well as nutritional books and guides, we’re the complete online store to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

We pride ourselves in supplying Australia with the best quality protein powder available. We promise to use only high-quality and responsibly sourced materials in our products. Be sure to try our whey protein powder and grass fed whey protein powder. We're sure you won't be disappointed.

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180 Nutrition Podcast

We differentiate ourselves by the company we keep. Our podcast The Health Sessions connects us with pioneering health experts across the globe to cut through the confusion around what it takes to achieve great health. We access the latest science and pass it on to you every single day.

Now celebrating over 2 Million Downloads.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I love your superfood blend! I have it in my smoothies in the morning and after a workout. I also put it in pancakes, yoghurt, muffins and pretty much everything else. It’s so delicious and it’s all natural! I’ve recently started being on the paleo diet and your products are helping me stick to it”

- JeninaAlmonte

“I LOVE your podcasts!!! Thank you so much for making my weekly drives from the Gold Coast to Brisbane return on the crazy M1 enjoyable! I’ve listened to so many fantastic interviews and hope there’ll be many more to come. Thanks guys!”

- Sharon Ryder

“I just wanted to say, thankyou for introducing the new vegan bars!! And the choc plant protein powder is the bomb! The best ever!”

- Charlotte W.

“My greens powder arrived yesterday 🙂 I just whipped up a banana & coconut 180 smoothie with a scoop of greens. Yum! Just what I need after being sick all week. Very mild taste, the greens were not overpowering.”

- Katy Webb

“I am following a low FODMAP diet due to IBS & food intolerances, and your protein was recommended by a fellow online sufferer. I have to say after trying your chocolate protein for the first time – WOW! It’s so delicious; doesn’t have a crappy after taste like other proteins I’ve had, and I’m not suffering from any bloating afterwards like usual.”

- Ashleigh

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