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Kayleigh Burns – Mindset & Swimming With Great White Sharks

180 TV

Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome Kayleigh Burns to the show. Kayleigh is a shark biologist and safety diver based on the North Shore of  Oahu in Hawaii. She has a passion for the ocean and currently works at One Ocean Diving where she Read More…

7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Clean Eating or ‘Going Paleo’


Stu: In all honesty, we don’t prescribe to any diet. There are simply foods we eat and foods we avoid where long lasting health is the goal. The Paleo diet or the ‘clean eating’ framework are great starting points but can be easily misinterpreted. We receive hundreds of weekly emails based around peoples confusion and frustrations with food which Read More…

How I Lost 30 Kgs And Kept It Off For 4 Years

Weight Loss

Stu: I recently received an email from an enthusiastic guy who wanted to share his weight loss journey to help our community drop some pounds and skyrocket their health. After reading more about his methods and progress I thought his honesty and approach would definitely give inspiration to others, over to Danyon… Danyon: In this Read More…

Alexx Stuart – Living a Low Tox Life

180 TV

Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome Alexx Stuart to the show. Alexx is an author, educator, activist and change agent who runs online courses and hosts a podcast for those wanting to reduce their toxic load in everyday life. She’s at the forefront of a Read More…

Healthy Chocolate Avocado Tart


Stu: This is my favourite healthy dessert recipe right now for the simple reason that it tastes so good, I kid you not. I could talk about the goodness of the protein, fibre and healthy fats but you’ll forget about this when you take your first bite, enjoy 🙂 Base 1/2 cup coconut flakes 3/4 Read More…

A Clean And Tidy Kitchen Is Crucial For Your Family’s Health


Parents across Australia aim to feed their children a sound diet to boost their health and well-being, but if your kitchen isn’t up to scratch in terms of cleanliness, the risk to your family’s health could be significant. Tidiness is just one key factor in keeping injuries at bay. Did you know that over half of Read More…

Dr Frank Shallenberger – Expert Anti-Ageing Strategies

180 TV

Listen to the full interview below or stream on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome Dr. Frank Shallenberger to the show. Dr. Shallenberger has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a pioneer in alternative/integrative medicine since 1978. He is one of only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional medicine as Read More…

Raw Gut-Loving Carrot Cake


Angela: If you like healthy recipes or are following a clean eating plan you’ll love this guilt free, pre-biotic rich carrot cake. It’s a simple healthy recipe that contains protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer, enjoy. Ingredients (Base) 1⁄2 cup pecans 2 scoops 180 Natural Protein Superfood (coconut vegan) 3 cups Read More…

Lee Holmes – Heal Your Gut With Supercharged Food

180 TV

Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome Lee Holmes to the show. Lee holds an Advanced Certificate in Food and Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach (IIN), yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and bestselling author of the Supercharged Food series. She is a columnist for Read More…

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Anzac Biscuits


Penny: ANZAC Biscuits are something that I really love, and identify with as an Australian; each year commemorating those who have fallen in defence of our beloved country. However, I thought I’d change things up this year for something a little different… I decided to: Use 180 Nutrition Vegan Protein Superfood instead of almond meal/other flours, Read More…

7 Exercise & Fat Burning Myths Exposed


Guy: Working in the fitness industry for almost 10 years, I would get exposed to hundreds of people each week. It was during this time that I got to understand the public perception of the exercise and fitness world. Being in the firing line every day I got to cut through the noise, confusion and misconceptions of it all Read More…

Dr Stephen Cabral – Change Your Body. Change Your Life

180 TV

Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week we welcome Dr. Stephen Cabral to the show. Dr. Cabral developed his passion for health & wellness after going through severe health complications at the age of 17. He saw over 50 different doctors, tried over 100 different treatment protocols, but Read More…

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