• Get All Your Favourite Greens in One Drink
  • No Blending, No Juicing, or Messy Cleanup
  • Quickly Replenish Key Nutrients
  • 50 Serves From $1.09 Per Serve (Powder or Capsule Form)

Organic Greens Plus

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  • Enjoy as part of a healthy detox programme
  • Support immune function
  • Plant-based formula is packed with chlorophyll, carotene, vitamins & minerals
  • Great for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, vegetarians and vegans
  • No added sugar, dairy or soy
Serving Size:5g Average Quantity Per Serve Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy (kj) 58 1165
Protein (gm) 1.1 21.1
Fat Total (gm) <1 4.1
– Saturated (gm) <1 1.0
Carbohydrates (gm) 1.0 18.6
Fibre (gm) 1.8 36.9
Sodium (mg) 36 721
Iron (mg) 1.4 24.6
Calcium (mg) 19.4 389
Vitamin A (mcg) 172.4 2891
Vitamin B12 (mcg) 0.2 1.7
Vitamin E (mg) 13.4 224
Vitamin K (mcg) 22.6 378
Total Carotenes (mg) 88 1764
Chlorophyll (mg) 22 440

Organic Barley Grass

Is very nutrient dense and it packed full of minerals and vitamins.

Organic wheat Grass (does not contain gluten)

Is a very healing ingredient boasting 17 amino acids and 7% chlorophyll.

Organic Alfalfa

Is packed full of green vegetable nutrition providing high levels of nutrients.

Organic Broccoli

Broccoli is high in many nutrients, including fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and potassium.

Organic Spinach

Spinach is filled with antioxidants, vitamins K, A, and Iron to name but a few.

Organic Blueberry

They have a high level of antioxidants to aid in healthy aging.

Organic Acai Berry

They're loaded with powerful antioxidants that have many health benefits.

Organic Goij Berry

They are a natural source of fibre, iron and vitamin c.

Organic Spirulina

Is a type of blue-green algae that is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth.

Organic Chlorella

Is an amazing algae that contains vitamins, minerals and all nine essential amino acids.

Organic Kelp

A type of seaweed, full of nutrients that can benefit your health.

How to Use…

  1. The Shot: Simply mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Organic Greens Plus into 220ml of water and enjoy. (Great first thing in the morning).
  2. The 2-Minute Cleanse: Add 1 serve of Organic Greens Plus, 200ml of sparkling mineral water, the juice of one lemon, mix and stir.
  3. The Green Smoothie: Simply mix 1 serve of Organic Greens Plus with your choice of milk or water, add your favourite fruit or veggies and blend to make a super-nutritious green smoothie.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 50 serves in each 250g bag and 30 serves in capsule form (150 capsules).
Yes our blend is 100% free of allergens like gluten, dairy, soy or nuts.
No, just the natural ingredients listed above with no hidden nasties.
Yes our Greens blend contains no hidden ingredients and will benefit the whole family.
Each 5g serve will deliver the equivalent of 1 ½ - 2 full serves of vegetables.
All greens powders assist the body to gently detox. This is ideal under normal circumstances but not recommended during pregnancy.
Our Organic Greens Plus has a 2 year shelf life if stored in a cool dry place.
100% Natural
Gluten Free
Digestion Friendly
Dairy Free
100% Organic
Supports Immunity

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Organic Greens Powder

Many greens powders on the market contain trace amounts of each so-called miracle ingredient, with a big dose of hidden sweeteners and chemical-based fillers thrown in. At 180 Nutrition, we believe that less is more. Our organic greens blend contains just 11 natural, deeply nutritious organic greens and berries.
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Do you need to buy organic green superfood?

180 Nutrition offers only the best organic superfood powder filled with real-food ingredients to help you get more protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Our powders help you avoid poor food choices and in seconds we can provide the energy and vitality you need to bring out your best self.

Why should you use green superfood powder?

Our green superfood powder, Greens Plus, contains only 11 ingredients (barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa, broccoli, spinach, blueberry, acai berry, goji berry, spirulina, chlorella, and kelp). All of these are natural and chemical-free, as well as being vegan-friendly and gluten and dairy-free.

There are many benefits to using green superfood powder, such as:

  • It makes it easier for you to get the recommended serving of vegetables – 5 servings a day can often seem hard to achieve, so our Greens Plus makes a great alternative to up this number.
  • It helps keep you healthy while you’re travelling – We tend to forget about eating healthily while we’re on holiday as it’s our time to unwind and treat ourselves, but it’s still important. Taking a greens supplement can help boost your nutrition value without worrying about what you’re eating.
  • It is high in antioxidants – This boosts your immune system, which keeps you even healthier and keeps away nasty illnesses. In some cases, it can even be used to prevent cancer.
  • It promotes healthy digestion – the fibre in our powders help your digestive organs, keeping your digestion healthy and avoiding any problems.
  • It supports hormone and blood sugar balance – These are important to keep control of. Your body needs just the right number of hormones and blood sugars to keep everything running smoothly.
  • It provides a healthy mood – It’s proven that with a healthy body comes a happy mind, which can be influenced by the amount of healthy food and supplements you take. It can keep you calm and happy and even improve your memory.
  • It assists healthy weight management while still eating what you love.

Greens Plus: Australia’s best organic superfood powder

Organic green superfood powder is easy to use, and there are a range of different ways you can use it.

You can use it in a ‘shot’, which is great to take in the morning to start your day right. To make this, all you have to do is to mix 1 heaped teaspoon with 220ml of water and drink it up! This takes no time at all and gets to work in seconds.

You can use it as a 2-minute cleanser by mixing one serve of Organic Greens Plus, 200ml of sparkling mineral water, and lemon juice. This keeps your body happy and healthy and is great if you’re struggling to get in all 5 servings of vegetables. Adding the lemon gives it a great taste too.

You can use it in your smoothie. Simply mix one serve of Greens Plus to either milk or water and add your favourite fruits and vegetables to create a healthy masterpiece that not only tastes great but works wonders.

Buy Green Powder Online

You can buy our 250g bag of Greens Plus powder for just $54.95 which gives you 50 serves, and if you love it, you can get 15% off when you subscribe. That means you pay only $46.71 for a monthly delivery.

We pride ourselves in supplying Australia with the best quality L-Glutamine powder available. We promise to use only high-quality and responsibly sourced materials in our products. Be sure to try our L-Glutamine supplement and natural protein supplements. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Best used for:

  • Get All Your Healthy Greens in One Drink
  • Vitamins, minerals and whole food sourced ingredients
  • 100% Organic Unsweetened Greens Blend
  • Antioxidant Rich to Help Alkalise, Detoxify & Cleanse

Reviews (8)

  1. Kay Webb

    My greens powder arrived yesterday 🙂 I just whipped up a banana & coconut 180 smoothie with a scoop of greens. Yum! Just what I need after being sick all week. Very mild taste, the greens were not overpowering.

  2. @makaiacarr

    For the last 4 weeks I’ve been taking a break from my usual warm water and lemon morning drink and now kickstarting my mornings off with sparkling greens instead.
    The team @180nutrition gave me the idea to try sparkling water, greens powder and half a lemon or lime squeezed in as an alternative. I’ve been really loving the change up and I make sure I get this down first thing every morning.

  3. Real Fitness PT

    180 Greens are back in stock… Grab them while you can, greens that are potent like these guarantee you to detox and alkalise this temple of yours!

  4. @wellnourished

    I’ve had such an indulgent festive season and I’ve really feel the need to get back on track and give my body a bit of a alkalising, detoxifying cleanse. For me this involves increasing my water intake, bumping up my veggie intake (this crowds out less healthy food choices) and I’ve also been enjoying a new morning cleanse ritual of one scoop of @180nutrition Organic Greens Plus + juice of one lemon + a glass of sparkling mineral water.

    I truly never thought I could enjoy a ‘greens’ supplement the way I am this one. In my 20+ years as a Naturopath, I’ve tried SO many brands and always struggled with the taste/ texture – but not any more.

    180 Nutrition Organic Greens Plus is a really unique blend as it not only contains freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses and algaes, but also three antioxidant berries. It’s sugar free and mixes fuss-free into the sparkling mineral water. I really feel so much better for including it in my re-boot – more energy, focus and my digestive system is back to normal. Funny, never thought I’d say this but I actually look forward to it each morning.

  5. @foodiefitnessgirl

    Greens in the motherland 🍀🌳🌲🇮🇪Thank god I brought my @180nutrition powder as my immune system has taken a hit with minimal sleep, 2 jet lagged kids and a super stressful journey here. Green smoothies all round ☺️👍🏻

  6. Chantelle

    I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels since taking this greens powder. Will keep buying. I’ve recently run out and noticed a big difference in the way my body feels.

  7. Maria (verified owner)

    A high-quality greens powder but the taste is like fresh grass. I can’t drink it on its own so I will try mixing it with juice. I imagine the flavour will be fine if mixed into green smoothies.

    • 180 Nutrition (verified owner)

      Thanks Maria, yes it does work well in a smoothie if you don’t like the green shots 🙂

  8. Liz (verified owner)

    Amazing just after taken Greens Plus Capsules for 2 days, I feel so much better, feel full of Energy, not tired every arvo, no more tummy pain and running to the toilet all the time. Hoping this will help with a lot of Digestion & gut problems I have with really bad heart burn and reflux.
    I feel really good. Thank you so much 180 Nutrition please don’t stop making the tablets. 🥰😁🎉

    • 180 Nutrition (verified owner)

      So great to hear Liz, best of luck with your health journey and we’ll ensure that we continue making the capsules 🙂

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