Speaking & Events

From assisting chronic disease patients with weight training and nutrition, sitting in ice baths for 25 minutes or meditating for four hours whilst having his brain measured by neuroscientists, it’s safe to say Guy’s exploration of health and wellness could be seen as slightly ‘unconventional’.
With Guy and Stu’s mission to bring wellness to millions, there’s nothing more that Guy enjoys than getting on stage and sharing his journey and discoveries.

In a fun and laid-back manner, they are designed to help inspire others to new possibilities they never thought possible, follow their bliss and create long-lasting healthy changes.

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Changing the Way We Eat Conference – Tasmania

Primal Living Tasmania hosted ‘Changing the Way We Eat’ Health and Wellness Conference on 16th August 2014, a one-day conference featuring a dynamic and diverse group of speakers and experts addressing issues in sustainable real food and ancestral health and wellness. Guy was invited along to be a guest speaker.

Thr1ve Symposium with international speaker Mark Sisson

The THR1VE ‘Paleo-to-go’ cafe hosted nutrition, exercise, medicine and lifestyle THR1VE.me Symposium where they got together leading global experts on Paleo, primal and ancestral health in Manly in early 2015. It was organised in association with American health and fitness expert, Mark Sisson, who was also keynote speaker.

Guy Lawrence was invited to speak along with Mark Sisson, Sarah Wilson, longevity expert Dr John Hart, nutritionist Michele Chevalley, former Masterchef contestant Dan Churchill, My Kitchen Rules’ Luke Hines & Scott Gooding and Sydney Roosters strength & conditioning coach Keegan Smith.

Low Carb Downunder Tour, Sydney Nov 2014

Guy was a guest speaker at the Low Carb Downunder Sydney event hosted by Dr. Kieron Rooney at the University of Sydney. He spoke about “My Journey to Amazing Health”, along with the following guest speakers:

  • Dr Steve Phinney “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living”
  • Jimmy Moore “Cholesterol Clarity & Keto Clarity”
  • Dr Peter Brukner “Low Carb and Elite Sport Performance”
  • Sarah Wilson “Sugar free… the next chapter”
  • Dr. Rod Tayler “Practical LCHF – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”

Soul Sessions Business Mastermind Group

Guy has been invited along several times to the ‘Soul Sessions – The New Paradigm of Business Mastermind Group’, to share his personal journey and how he and Stu grew 180 Nutrition to be a successful health and wellness company. Some key stats as of writing:

  • Over 20,000 customers
  • 800+ Retail Outlets Without Distributors
  • Over a one million downloads of their popular health podcast on iTunes
  • Distribution in New Zealand, USA & Dubai

Cereal Killer 2 Movie Screening

Guy and Stu hosted the Sydney Premiere of the documentary Cereal Killers 2 – Run On Fat..

It was such a great night and sold out within weeks. We also had a dream team Q&A panel consisting of;

  • Dr Peter Brukner who features in the movie. He is a specialist sports and exercise physician and currently Australian cricket team doctor.
  • Dr Maryanne Demasi; journalist, producer and presenter of the ABC Television “Catalyst” program.
  • Dr Kieron Rooney who is a metabolic researcher and lecturer in biochemistry and exercise physiology.

Clean Eating Workshops

These workshops are designed around a 30 day challenge to help people live happier lives, lose the weight they want, and enjoy truly nutritious meals, both for themselves and for their families. These days our lives are surrounded by:

  • Confusing Fad Diets, ‘Healthy’ Fake Foods & Crazy Exercise Routines
  • Calorie Counting & Undesirable Meal Restrictions

End your confusion about how to nourish your body for long-lasting health forever.

Guy and Stu visit communities and present a 2-hour workshop and Q&A session. Perfect for gym and CrossFit members and also corporate staff organisations.