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This podcast features Rodrigo Perez. He has helped and trained countless athletes from professionals and elite performers, through to groms and the everyday athlete. His movement methodology and holistic longevity and wellness approach has helped countless of his athletes improve the way they move, to become more aware of their bodies, improve their nutrition, break through plateaus in their performance and ultimately become the optimal version of themselves. Over the last 2 decades he has been broadening and deepening his knowledge. Working with multiple modalities to achieve better mobility and precision of movement, better breathing, self-regulation and mind focusing techniques – we continue to help amateur and professional clients achieve their health and performance goals. Classes, programs, seminars and consultations are focused, professional, challenging, and yet playful – in order to best prepare clients to be the protagonists of their own wellbeing and achievements.

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Rodrigo Perez – Discover the Importance of Mobility

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Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Stu: This week I’m excited to welcome Rodrigo Perez to the podcast. Rodrigo is a performance specialist whose movement, methodology, holistic longevity and wellness approach has helped countless athletes improve the way they move. In this episode, we discuss the importance Read More…

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