The Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

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benefits of whey protein isolate

Why Whey Protein?

There is no other nutrient that has created more interest amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts than protein. This is primarily due to its role in supporting muscle mass gain and its role in muscle repair. Protein supplements, including Whey Protein Isolate can be beneficial as part of an overall nutrition plan.

The current protein guidelines suggest consuming 20-25g of protein at regular 3-4 hour intervals to gain optimal effects on protein synthesis. Spreading protein intake out across the day will produce multiple spikes in muscle protein synthesis and provide best outcomes. The type of protein is also important. The nutritional value of protein is determined by its unique amino acids profile. Proteins with high biological value are recommended whenever possible as they contain all essential amino acids needed by the human body. High Biological Value proteins include whey protein, dairy foods, eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Leucine, a branched chain amino acid, plays a critical role in muscle protein synthesis. Research suggests that 2-3g of leucine is optimal for muscle protein synthesis. 180 Nutrition offers premium Whey Protein Isolate powders that are naturally rich in branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids. One serve of 180 Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate contains 24-26g protein and 2-3g leucine.

Protein Intake Post Exercise

The importance of recovery nutrition depends on the type and duration of exercise just completed, body composition goals and personal preferences. The goals of the recovery nutrition are to:

  • Appropriately refuel and rehydrate the body
  • Promote muscle repair and growth
  • Boost adaptation from the training session
  • Support immune function

Consuming high biological value protein post exercise (within 60-90 minutes) provides amino acids for the building and repair of muscle tissue. This will help speed up the recovery process. Aim for lean protein sources such as lean meats, eggs, nuts, legumes, tofu or dairy. 180 Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate can be beneficial as part of your recovery routine due to its high protein content and serve of branched chain amino acids.

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