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Discover The Foods That Could Actually Improve Your Memory


With the increasing population being hooked to the digital lifestyle, Psychology Today cited their concern on people having digital dementia, which is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer. This disease is getting common these days due to the overuse of digital technology that can eventually lead to deterioration of cognitive abilities. Is there a Read More…

Vitamin C: Why We Need It & How To Get Enough


Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin C From the time we can ask for orange juice with breakfast, we’re already taught how important vitamin C is for our bodies. We learn it’s needed for immune function and that people who get enough are sick less often, and as we age, we find out it’s Read More…

Keto Berry Smoothie Bowl


Stu: The average smoothie bowl usually packs a BIG sugar hit! While it may taste great, it won’t really satisfy your hunger and will leave you reaching for the 11am sugary snacks. This keto smoothie bowl is equally as delicious as its sugary counterparts but will keep you feeling full due to the addition of Read More…

The Best Protein Sources for Vegans and Vegetarians


Top Vegan And Vegetarian Protein Sources If there’s one thing for certain when you’re not eating meat, it’s that people will tell you that you need more protein. The idea that you’ll wither if you don’t eat animal proteins is not a new one, but now more than ever it’s completely untrue. Not only are Read More…

Can We Live Longer On A Low Carb Diet?


What should we be eating for a more healthy and prosperous life? Seems like the million dollar question these days. If this is a question you find yourself asking, then I highly recommend reading this article featuring Dr Rod Taylor (pictured below), co-creator of Low Carb Down Under (LCDU) an evidence-based online resource to help Read More…

How To Maintain Weight Loss


180 Nutrition: You’ve been working hard the past few weeks, months, or even years and you’ve finally reached the magic number on the scales you’ve been aiming for! What a great feeling! There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching a weight loss goal; you feel the best you’ve felt in years, you look even better, you’ve Read More…

Vitamin D: Why You Need It And How To Get It


Why Do We Need Vitamin D? 180 Nutrition: Maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D is ‘really‘ important as it’s involved in a multitude of physiological functions. It’s used to regulate the absorption of minerals in the body, it facilitates normal immune system function and is important for the development of healthy bones and teeth. It Read More…

What is Glutathione and why is it so VERY Important?


Everything You Need To Know About Glutathione Your body is full of free radicals and other oxidising agents that damage your cells. While you have literally trillions of cells and some being damaged might not sound like a big deal, cellular damage can lead to some extremely poor outcomes: Damage to the epithelial cells in Read More…

Quarantine Munchies: 3 Simple & Healthy Snacks


Stu: If you’re working from home and the hunger pangs strike it’s a good idea to have healthy snacks ready and waiting. It’s all too easy to reach for the biscuit tin or grab the bag of chips only to realise that you’ve polished off the lot 10 minutes later. The key to truly healthy Read More…

Super-Quick High Protein Chocolate Mousse


Grabbing a quick snack that’s healthy, filling and tasty while working from home can be challenging. This is one of our favourites as it literally takes a minute to prepare (and a little patience while it sets in the fridge or freezer briefly). It’s super-simple and really delicious with the added benefit of being high Read More…

3 Myths About The Immune System


Stu: There’s no time like the present to focus on supporting our immune system but how do we know where to start with so many mixed messages floating around? Is there really a magic pill or potion that will give us that much needed boost or is it as simple as eating a healthy diet Read More…

Pink Vegan Protein Balls


Stu: How tasty does this look from Jess @feed4speed who is creating the most delicious healthy recipes from Melbourne. This Pink Vegan Protein Balls recipe will make a great post-workout snack or dessert 🙂 Ingredients 90g almonds⁠ 10g sesame seeds⁠ 20g macadamia nuts ⁠ 1tbsp lemon rind ⁠ 3 serves of Superfood Protein Blend ⁠(vegan) Read More…

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