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This article was curated by 180 Nutrition who were founded in March 2010 with the goal to offer the very best in natural health supplements and resources. The passionate team are aligned with leading health and wellness professionals including nutritionists, naturopaths, functional medicine and exercise specialists. They regularly connect with the world’s best experts in health, wellness and human performance via their iTunes podcast, ‘The Health Sessions’, now celebrating over 3 million downloads.

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5 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Day


180 Nutrition: Natural whole foods are unprocessed and rich in key nutrients which continue to win converts around the globe. Their fans understand the benefits of ‘clean eating’ versus the adverse effects of eating a diet largely based on processed foods. Among these healthy ingredients, there are five that stand out. They are green leafy Read More…

5 Tips To Get a Good Night’s Sleep


By Cassie Mendoza-Jones When was the last time you enjoyed a really deep sleep, and awoke feeling refreshed? Sleep disturbances and insomnia are common, and there are several causes, such as an over-stimulated nervous system, poor neurotransmitter (brain chemistry) function, adrenal and hormonal dysfunction, as well as acute personal or environmental stress. The good news is Read More…

Blueberry & Rice Puffs Chocolate Bar


Stu: If you’re a fan of chocolate and love to make healthy treats you’ll love this recipe from 180 Nutrition ambassador Alice (AKA: Alice in Healthyland). It’ll be just the ticket to satisfy that sweet tooth while providing nutrition and healthy whole food ingredients. Ingredients 3 Tbsp. peanut butter 2 Tbsp. coconut oil 1 Tbsp. Read More…

Collagen Protein Pancakes


Stu: Big thanks to @home_health_and_healing for this quick and delicious collagen protein pancake recipe. We love these as they include our favourite daily staple ‘Collagen Powder’ which helps supports healthy bones, joints, skin and gut. Ingredients 2 serves Superfood Protein Blend (vegan) 1 serve collagen powder⁠ 1 cup oats⁠ 1 Banana⁠ 2 eggs⁠ ½ cup Read More…

Does What You Eat for Breakfast Really Matter?


We’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it really? We believe that the first thing you eat or drink can supercharge or sabotage your day. Your choice of breakfast releases chemicals and hormones within your body that make you feel energetic or flat, keeping you Read More…

Overnight Chia Collagen Pudding


Stu: This chia collagen pudding recipe from Jess at The Gut Project (@the.gut.project) makes an idea breakfast or snack, in her own words… “Collagen is a protein in the body responsible for the strength of bones, cartilage & tendons and the elasticity, hydration and overall integrity of our skin. As we get older, collagen production Read More…

7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Clean Eating


Stu: In all honesty, we don’t prescribe to any diet. There are simply foods we eat and foods we avoid where long lasting health is the goal. The Paleo diet or the ‘clean eating’ framework are great starting points but can be easily misinterpreted. We receive hundreds of weekly emails based around peoples confusion and frustrations with food which Read More…

Post-Workout High Protein Brownie


Stu: Most of us are looking for a quick post-workout snack and sometimes it’s tricky to fill the spot. Keira Rumble has kindly shared this delicious healthy brownie recipe that tastes divine and should do the trick. Over to Keira… Keira: These little gems are gluten free, high in protein, vegan and have no added sugar. Read More…

Nutella Protein Balls


Stu: We love healthy snacks that are free from all of the nasties and these look great from Jess at The Gut Project (@the.gut.project), in her own words… “This is not a drill… this is REAL refined sugar free, dairy free & gluten free goodness! I whipped these babies up with my @180nutrition coconut superfood Read More…

3 Myths About The Immune System


Stu: There’s no time like the present to focus on supporting our immune system but how do we know where to start with so many mixed messages floating around? Is there really a magic pill or potion that will give us that much needed boost or is it as simple as eating a healthy diet Read More…

Gut Friendly Chocolate Protein Muffins


Stu: If you like chocolate and enjoy the occasional muffin then you’ll love these by ‘Healthy With Yass’ @yassubrandhorstx. They’re gut-friendly chocolate protein muffins that really do taste as good as they look. Ingredients 4 small banana’s or 3 bigger ones 2 eggs 1.3 cups of buckwheat flower 1 tsp of baking powder 1.5 cups Read More…

Discover The Foods That Could Actually Improve Your Memory


With the increasing population being hooked to the digital lifestyle, Psychology Today cited their concern on people having digital dementia, which is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer. This disease is getting common these days due to the overuse of digital technology that can eventually lead to deterioration of cognitive abilities. Is there a Read More…

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