The finer points: My detox shopping guide

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Shopping BagBy Guy Lawrence

I’ve listed below in more detail what I will and won’t be eating. Remember, this is not a weight loss plan for me, but a clean out along with the help of Metagenics. In saying that, it is a concern as I’m already fairly lean. So I’ll be eating lots and lots to keep up the required intake. But if you decided to follow the guidelines I’ve mentioned here and stick it out for 6 weeks, I’m pretty sure you would lose some unnecessary body fat.

I will also post a typical days eating and my body statistics, as I’m going to continue to train as usual and see what happens.

This week has been about starting to eliminate the unnecessary things from my daily eating and taking the prescribed Metagenics. Without a doubt, organisation is the key! I’m quite happy to eat simple foods, but I already came unstuck yesterday, as i ended up in the city longer than anticipated. So it was starve or eat dodgy!

I’ll also post a typical day’s eating, where I’ll be eating approximately every 2-3 hours. Depending on your activity every 3 hours should suffice.


Protein is critical and I’ll be including a serve of some sort with every meal. A guesstimate serving is the size and thickness of the palm of your hand for your main meals.

I’ll keep it organic when possible and limit meat to 1-2 serve a day.

2 serves a day will come from 180 SuperFood, keeping it convenient for me.

Protein Foods


I’ll be drinking unhomeginised and unpasterised milk. This is a bit tricky to find, but have a look.

Watch for all hidden sugars in soy and rice milk. Again it’s hard to find these without the added sugar. Nut milk is a good alternative.

Dairy Foods


I’m going to eat as much as I can of these, which will include an organic box delivered each week.

Including salads, I’m going to have at least 3 serves a day.



Again, organic as often as I can.

I’ll be having frozen berries with my 180 in a smoothie every morning.

Also I’ll have a daily juice which will be 30% fruit, 70% veggies.


Grains & Starches

Limited to one serve a day, as they are generally low in nutrients.

The serving size will not be bigger than the protein size or the veggies.

When I eat grains it will be Quinoa.

Grains and starches

Herbs, Spices, Dressings & Condiments

Keeping it simple here. But may have a stab at a few home made condiments.

Herbs & Spices


Will be drinking 3 ltrs of filtered water a day, and will be avoiding tap water as it will increase toxicity.

And will be drinking a couple of glasses of water with fresh lemon when i drag myself out of bed in the mornings.


If you have any questions, just post them on the blog and I’ll happily answer them the best I can. Also, if you have got any good ideas for recipes with the above foods, please post them too, as they’d be pretty handy!

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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8 Replies to “The finer points: My detox shopping guide”
Murray Genge says:

Hi Guy,

Is there anything else I should be doing in addition to following the diet eg taking a detox product from a health food store?



Guy Lawrence says:

Hey Murray

I think that depends on the reason why you are detoxing. For some people I know, it will simply be no alcohol or coffee for 6 weeks. Then there are others who will follow the diet more diligently. I guess it depends on how much you want to follow through with it, and what the detox means to you.

As for me, I feel detoxing correctly is an in depth process and wanted to seek professional guidance as I follow the prescribed metagenics. By doing this, it also has given me a reference point of where I’m starting from, and then seeing if it improves over the course of the 6 weeks.

Hope this helps mate


Lynne (Mugger) says:

Why no tap water, seems a bit drastic!!

Sarah says:

Hi Guy,

I am an avid 180 drinker and swear by the stuff. I am also keen to try this detox out.
Is it still good for you, if you were only able to do say a single calender month as I am, instead of the weeks you suggested. Or is there a reason you are doing the detox for 6 weeks?


Guy Lawrence says:

Hey Sarah

Yep, 180 has got the all clear for the detox. I’m taking it twice a day: Once for breakfast, and after a workout.
The high fibre content is handy too while I’m on the detox, as this helps eliminate toxins.

As for the 6 weeks: I’m following Tania’s advice with 3, 2 week blocks:

Stage 1/ Clear the bad bacteria from the gut

Stage 2/ Seal the lining of the gut and recolonise the gut (enhances absorption)

Stage3/ Detox the liver

Hope that helps 🙂

Lynne (Mugger): If I recall, don’t you have a water filter?? 😉

So does that mean you are doing the detox??

Suzie Blain says:

Hey Guy,
Good luck with the detox, looks good! I am starting with an adjustment of our diet first. Came across this awesome recipe on a Women’s Weekly diet booklet. Not sure if it fits all the detox critera but I reckon it would come close. Add to the fact that adding an array of herbs/spices can really jus up some dead boring, tasteless low fat/carb recipes, and spices are supposed to be good for you too!

Need: 6 thigh fillets, free range chicken. 1 onion, 6cloves garlic, 6 little red chillies, 1/4 pumpkin, good handfull of beans, low fat coconut cream and yoghurt and spices as indicated below.

Fry chopped up onion with smashed (via mortar and pestle) garlic & chillies in some olive oil(if you can get a strip of curry leaves – stick that in too!)
When onions are brownish add 2 TBS of coriander powder and 1tsp of cumin seeds and a good heaped tsp of turmeric. Mix well and fry – it will become quite dry quite quick, so add 3tbs of yoghurt.
Mix for a min or 2 then add chicken fillets (each cut in half). Mix well and let cook for about 5 min. Add 400ml can of lite coconut cream and salt to taste. Stir and leave (don’t cover) until sauce starts to thicken and chicken is pretty much cooked.
Add pumpkin, cut up into squares. Cook for 10 or so min until sauce is thickish and tastes cooked. Add beans chopped up small and cover for a min – so that beans are just cooked but super crunchy.
Serve with brown rice.

🙂 Suz

180nps says:

Hey Suz

Have you tried making that one yet?? Looks great, I would need to tweek it slightly for me to stay with in the rules, but all good.

I’m turning into a curry monster, as i’m making simple ones that follow the guide lines and they are tasty as! But they don’t come close to yours! 😉

And instead of rice, i’m using mashed chic peas, lima beans, lentils etc. with butter…

Mellisa Urquhart says:

Thank you on your help!

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