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The low-fat diet trend that the mainstream media has raved about for years should have made us all skinny and cured obesity, right? But it didn’t and, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work. All it did was instil a fear of ingesting fat into the population. We winded up exchanging nutritious fats for low-fat and high carbohydrates. However, implementing healthy fats into your diet can not only help you to lose weight, but they can make you healthy as well.

Fat WILL Not Make You Fat

Yes, that’s right; fat will not make you fat. While many will raise an eyebrow to the idea of consuming more healthy fats, the truth is that carbohydrates are stored in the body as fat and nutritious fats are not. When you consume carbohydrates, your blood sugar increases. This increase, which is responsible for the consumption of carbohydrates, helps the body to store carbohydrates and excess calories that are not used immediately as fat. In other words, carbohydrates cause the body to produce and release hormones, which then promotes the storage of fat.

 The Solution

By expanding your intake of fat and lowering your carbohydrate consumption, you will give your body the opportunity to burn fat and use it for energy. Thus, preventing your body from storing it instead. With nine calories in every gram of fat, it is essentially filling. Fat is also the only food source that uses Cholecystokinin, also known as our fullness hormone, to nip overeating in the bud. Implementing natural fats to your diet, like coconut oil, butter and the animal fat from grass fed animals, can significantly induce weight loss and make you much healthier. Fats also help our bodies to utilise fatty acids from foods, such as, grass fed meat and fish oil. Fatty acids assist the body in the absorption of numerous vitamins and minerals, including fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K.


Many saturated fats that are beneficial for you have been demonised. Those found in butter and coconut oil operate as signalling messengers that impact the metabolism and assist in weight loss. But all fats are not the same. When deciding which animal fats to choose, go for the organic sources that have been pasture-raised. Animals raised on grassy plains will provide essential omega-3 fatty acids which, in turn, will help you shed unwanted pounds while promoting a healthy immune system.

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