Meal replacement shakes for women

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meal replacement shakes for womenProtein shakes are great for before and after workouts to help rebuild muscle tissue, but that isn’t the only way to use them in your diet.

Indeed, they can also be used as a snack or meal replacement for those looking to reduce or maintain their weight. Replacing at least one meal a day with a nutrient-rich shake can help you reduce body fat.

With most meal replacement shakes, hunger can still be an issue. 180 protein shakes not only taste great, they also fill you up without making you feel bloated. This is due to the protein and fibre in our mix. Both protein and fibre provide feelings of satiety without making you feel full. This makes you less likely to reach for an unhealthy snack between meals. They also deliver a range of B vitamins (from inactive brewers yeast), which boost energy.

180 Nutrition protein shakes come in two formulas: original and vegan. Both contain a rich assortment of natural, plant-based proteins from nuts and seeds, including almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and psyllium husks. The original formula also includes whey protein isolate from grass-fed sources. The vegan formula substitutes pea protein isolate for the whey to add protein without adding animal products. Both formulas are available in coconut and chocolate flavors.

Why are our meal replacement shakes different?

The difference between 180 protein shakes and others is not what’s in them so much as what isn’t. Where other companies use chemical additives, sugars and fillers, we use only 11 natural, easily identifiable ingredients. We get our chocolate flavor from actual cocoa and our coconut flavor from actual coconut flour. Our shakes are sweetened with stevia, a naturally sweet plant extract that delivers sweet taste without the blood sugar-raising effects of refined sugars.

Our shakes can be used by women on restricted diets looking for a meal replacement shake. This includes diabetics on reduced sugar diets and women who are gluten intolerant. Our vegan formula is ideal for women who are lactose intolerant or who prefer not to ingest animal products. Pregnant women can benefit by using our shakes as a snack to increase their intake of healthy protein, fibre and nutrients.

To make a healthy meal replacement shake, mix our protein powder with your choice of additional ingredients. Some popular additions include milk, almond milk, yoghurt, bananas, strawberries, blueberries or ice. If you eat three or four meals a day, you can substitute our shakes for one or two of them. If you eat five or six meals a day, feel free to replace one to three of your meals with them.

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