Is coconut oil the ultimate fat burner for weight loss?

Content by: Guy Lawrence

coconut oil for weight loss

Eat fat to burn fat, sounds counter-intuitive right? But coconut oil is a staple in my daily diet and it’s one of the first things I’d recommend to anyone if they are looking to burn fat for weight loss. I can also recommend watching this video interview with Christine Cronau on the benefits of natural fats when you’ve got some spare time… It really cuts to the chase!

When I was working in the fitness industry, the amount of people that would ask me about fat burning and fat blocking products was unbelievable (think high caffeine and guarana). They generally speed up your metabolism which will come with longer term side effects. The reason for this is that they elevate your heart rate which will end up raising cortisol levels. If you know anything about cortisol then you will understand that this prompts the body to hang on to body fat (hint: I feel this is why stressed people struggle to loose weight).

Why coconut oil for weight loss?

Without trying to get technical, coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid that is predominately a MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides). This is very different to most of the vegetable oils on the market today.

The short and medium-chain fatty acids which can be found in coconut oil (and grass-fed butter which I use too), are sent directly to our liver and used directly for energy. So this means:

  1. It does not get stored in fat cells as easily as long-chain fatty acids, and produce ketones which gives us a steady source of energy
  2. Enhances thermogenesis which increases fat burning
  3. Helps eliminate food cravings with increased feelings of satiety

According to Christine Cronau’s book the Fat Revolution, there are studies of participants that were fed the same diet which was not designed for weight loss. But some of them were fed medium-chain fatty acids and they lost weight, whilst the weight in the rest of the group remained the same.

It also compared diets with three types of fat intake. Low fat, monounsaturated fat and coconut oil. There was a 60% reduction in fat storage for the groups consuming coconut oil.

So what’s the magic dosage?

If you do not consume many natural fats including coconut oil, start in small amounts or the toilet may come calling. Add a teaspoon to a smoothie, or if a sugar craving comes calling eat a teaspoon straight from the jar as this will kill those cravings. Cook with it or just start adding it to things where you usually wouldn’t. I have it in a high fat smoothie most mornings.

I consume up to 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. But I eat a low-carb and natural high fat diet.

So if you are on a weight loss plan, eliminate sugar, grain, soy and all processed fats & oils. Increase your coconut oil up to 2-4 tablespoons a day for your steady source of energy and over time you will feel the magic happen!

Enjoy a High Fat Smoothie Here

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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20 Replies to “Is coconut oil the ultimate fat burner for weight loss?”
Jessica says:

Hi, thanks for your article, I have been using coconut oil for the last month, I’m up to three tablespoons a day, have cut way back on processed foods, avoiding grains as much as possible, unfortunately I’ve got chronic fatigue so can’t do much exercise. What sort of time frame have you seen with weight loss? I have 10kgs to lose, haven’t noticed any reduction in my weight at this stage but certainly does seem to help me with my energy levels

180nps says:

Hi Jessica, we recently interviewed expert Toby Morrison on CFS which you can watch here. Also I’d recommend checking out our weight loss page here. Cheers, Guy

Mariam says:

I’m pretty new to jump the coconut oil ship but I’m still quite wary, I use it in baking, cooking pancakes and in raw chocolate. I’ve never had a spoon on it’s own!
On another note what are your views on eating full fat yoghurt, I’ve seen several sources saying that we should be eating full fat yoghurt (I eat it because I enjoy it more than low fat) but do you think it’s okay if there is cream listed in the ingredient list?

Gayle says:

A lifetime of running from fat! Terrified of consuming coconut oil in these quantities! Read it. Understand it. Defies my sense of what is right! I will read on…..

Sarah says:

Im with you Gayle. Have avoided fat my whole life, and i got pretty skinny too but now Im a bit older (33) and I’m looking more for health benefits rather than just being slim (though I still want to be slim) very scared to start consuming fat but Im going to give it a go… I’m starting in August to cut out everything except meat, veggies, good oils, nuts etc…..doing the Sheridan Buchanans one month wellness challenge – she also says eat coconut oil straight from the jar to kill cravings – scary stuff!

Tim says:

Why eliminate soy? I know you wrote a post about it, but it largely appeared to rely on info from the Weston Price Foundation a known biased anti soy group (basis in the meat industry).

Liz Feldman says:

Hi Tim, I used to eat for my blood type[O pos] but have changed to Paleo lifestyle. There is a problem with soy products if you are taking thyroid medication. Soy inhibits the medication. I found this out when doing a medication administration course for my employment[disability support ]

Mili says:


What is the story on MCT oil versus coconut oil?
MCT oil is liquid so thats a plus but then its also more processed so is that a negative? MCT oil also easier to eat/digest that a tablespoon of hard coconut even though i love the taste of coconut
Is one better than the other from a health etc aspect?

Rob says:

Do you have any studies to back up your claims? There are so many claims regarding Coconut Oil doing all these great things but as far as I know there is no hard scientific studies to back any of your claims up!

Greg says:

I’m finding it hard to jump on the coconut oil train, although I have bought a jar and have used it a bit. There is so much conflicting evidence and the coconut oil fans can come across as fanatical. As can the other camps that propose low fat, high carbohydrate diets and say coconut oil is evil.

I found this site to be fairly balanced and it does reference clinical trials around this type of stuff

I suspect the answer falls somewhere in the middle, ie coconut oil is ok if used as part of a sensible diet.

To me its no wonder that people like Guy have lost weight using coconut oil because they lead extremely healthy lives, exercise a lot and stay away from junk. Coconut oil is just part of the equation.

PS start the cocounut oil journey at a slow pace otherwise it can cause some short term, how should I put this, issues with your poop.

Sandra says:

Hi! I was on the search engine and came across these postings re coconut oil and fats. I am no expert but 12 months ago I got fed up with my natural therapist and dietician for weight loss, sick of soy this soy that and lots of veggies, fruits and low fat products, I ended up quite ill with that just quit the recommended diets and I went back to the ancients diets did some research and read various books and started my own diet , I was 135 kilos last year and today I am 94 kilos and the best thing is I do not count calories and I do not exercise just go about my daily activities. I eat mostly protein, low carb and hardly any fruit and I have lots of coconut oil ( but organic extra virgin coconut oil, no hextane or chemicals and cold pressed raw ) and coconut cream the same deal organic cold pressed raw. Eat avocados, eggs and salad and veggie greens mainly. I have had blood tests done and all is well and I no longer need blood pressure meds. So I feel that if you stay away from sugar and all processed foods you have a better chance of seeing those kilos melt away. Certainly do some research of your own but do not rely on the internet for all your information, go to journals and books for info as well and then cross reference them to what you read on the internet and you soon will see what is the truth about fats. Cheers Have a wonderful day!

LK says:

Hi Sandra,
That is so darn AWESOME & inspiring.
Thanks for sharing & keep up the fantastic work!
I too, can’t wait to reach ‘double digits’ again…not long now.
This site is helping me achieve my health & weight-loss goals ~ thanks team!
Do you happen to have a blog of your journey at all?

Reader says:

I started taking coconut oil to help with ailing vitamin d levels and found it work my levels wouldn’t rise and i was taking 3 tablets every day and my last bloods showed a huge rise I stopped taking the coconut oil but the last few weeks have started reintroducing it
I will always take the vitamin D but was so glad to get results that worked , so another reason to try it I guess!!!!

Kevin says:

I have dropped from 89kg to 74 kg in about 6 months, bodyfat down to 15% and off statins with healthy LDL/HDL and no longer fatty liver and high triglycerides. And what do I eat? Diet high in saturated fats from coconut (MCT) and grass fed animals, eggs, cacao and no refined grains or starches. Not only do I burn fat, but I have more energy, brain function is vastly improved and I feel great. Reject the false diet hypothesis, fat is great!

180nps says:

Thanks for sharing Kevin & Sandra! Great to hear these stories! Guy

Tracey Thompson says:

Hi , I use coconut oil everyday , in smoothies with my 180 protein of course , all cooking , its very good for you , also I have found coyo , coconut yoghurt it is fantastic , I put it in my smoothies & have it with fruit salad , keeps you fuller longer no cravings helps burn fat too

Gennie says:

I have been using coconut oil for sometime. I have one question is coconut butter work the same as the oil?? Coconut butter much nicer to eat off the spoon

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut and the butter is made using the meat and contains both the meat and the oil. I would use them for different things but both have the same health properties. Hope that answers your question. Angela 🙂

Franz Miller says:

Nice content, Thanks for sharing such informative content.

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