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From: Guy Lawrence, founder 180 Nutrition

The nutritional supplement industry is awash with products and jam packed full of hype about the next ‘big thing’. You know how it works: you commit to getting fitter, losing weight and some days, just wanting to feel like you have enough energy to face life’s challenges.

If you’ve arrived here at 180 Nutrition, I know you care about your health and fitness, and you understand the benefits of ensuring that your body has the right fuel to deliver on the promises that your head makes.

If you believe that 100% natural nutrition products are better for you than products packed with preservatives, chemical and artificial flavours and colours… then you are in the right place.

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180 is Leading the Natural Protein Superfood Revolution

Imagine a protein powder that contains only pure ingredients, completely free of all fillers, thickeners, sugars & preservatives.  A supplement that contains essential micro nutrients, antioxidants and fibre to assist metabolic rates and keep your digestive system functioning at optimum levels, a protein supplement that is actually healthy for you!

“My body fat has decreased dramatically; I have a lot more stamina and endurance when training, and don’t feel hungry all the time which helps me keep my calorie intake under control.
Antonious Drakakis – Sydney


We know there’s hundreds or even thousands or products available on the market and to tell you the truth, as part of the industry, it even gets confusing for us too sometimes.

OK then, so what’s so different?

180 is made with 100% natural ingredients that have been carefully selected in consultation with leading Naturopaths, Nutritionists and International Health and Fitness experts. Not an industrial chemist in sight!

“I would recommend 180 Nutrition to anyone who is interested in maintaining a balanced diet and achieving optimal health.” Tania Flack – Naturopath, Sydney


This makes 180 the most complete and pure high protein nutritional supplement on the market today. We compared the ingredients of 180 with a current top selling nutritional supplement and it even shocked us!

This is how the products stack up:

180 Natural Protein Superfood Brand X (Current Top Seller)
Whey Protein Isolate Whey Protein Isolate
Flaxseed Whey Protein Concentrate
Almonds Calcium Caseinate
Sunflower Kernels Micellar Casein
Coconut flour/shredded coconut Milk Protein Isolate
Cocoa (Chocolate flavour only) Egg Albumen
Pepita (Pumpkin seeds) Glutamine Peptides
Sesame Seeds Sunflower Oil
Psyllium Husk Corn Syrup Solids
Sodium Caseinate
Mono- & Di-Glycerides
Di-Potassium Phosphate
Tricalcium Phosphate
Natural & Artificial Flavors
Cellulose Gum
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Non-Fat Dry Milk
Disodium Phosphate
Silicon Dioxide
Processed Cocoa Powder
Acesulfame Potassium


I hope you notice the BIG difference here.  I totally understand that there are lots of times when we can’t completely control the intake or preservatives and processed foods but when you CAN make that choice….

Doesn’t it make more sense to choose the option that contains 100% Natural Ingredients and no chemicals?

“180 fitted into my new healthy eating habits perfectly. I have been so impressed with the product and the fact that it is completely natural with no preservatives, unnatural flavourings & sugars” Mandy Kinzett – Owner, Crossfit Wired


Listen: a lot of players in the industry will be furious that we have highlighted the artificial ingredients and chemical cover-up that is hidden behind the flashy labels and slick marketing. The bottom line is – we don’t care what they think. We are proud to sell our 100% natural product and stand behind our claims.

One last thing

110% Money Back GuaranteeWe believe so strongly in our product that we offer a 110% Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason with your purchase of 180, keep the remainder of the product, contact us and we will arrange for a 110% refund. No questions, no hassles.

“They offer a full money back guarantee, so give it a go as you have nothing to lose.”
Joshua Clark – Boxer, Sydney


So I am pretty damn confident that 180 will do everything we claim, so click here now to place your order today. We have a range of sizes and even offer a huge bulk discount on our 180 Mixed Box. The prices are all on the order page, but they don’t really matter, because you have the money back guarantee, so there’s not even any risk.

Try getting a 110% refund from one of the big shopfront or online stores. Good Luck!

So place your order right now and get ready to Feel Your Body Smile

Bye for now

Guy Lawrence Signature
Guy Lawrence

Ps. Please place your order right now, while you’re still reading. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing product for yourself. Maybe you’ll make a new best friend like Carly..

“Adding 180 to my daily smoothies and other meals keeps me fuller for longer as the energy is released slower and ultimately stops naughty cravings and weight gain, it’s my new best friend.” Carly Halliday – Personal Trainer